Paleo Happy Hour review & video! (Plus a FREE recipe!)

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I need you to focus on the Paleo Happy Hour review.

Don’t judge me for the reindeer sweater.

Or for the I Like Big Mutts mug.

Or for calling a movie a “flick.”

It’s all in the name of reviewing a really neat book by Kelly Milton of Paleo Girl’s Kitchen.

Paleo Happy Hour is my surprise of the season. I have to admit, when I first received it, I thought it was a giant book full o’ BOOZE. (Not that this would’ve been a bad thing.) At the time, I was consumed with finishing my book, so I wasn’t makin’ much room for fun. But when I finally cracked it open, I saw that it was far more than I ever realized! It’s full of awesome happy hour-type recipes, small plates, yummy appetizers, snacks and cocktails (all refined-crap-free and made from REAL FOOD, not snack-aisle junk) that are absolutely creative, yummy, and PERFECT for any gathering!

This book is really delightful. And Kelly  has generously whipped up a FREE recipe card for one of my favorite drinks from the book: the Paleo Peppermint Chocolate Dream! (Be sure to pin it!)

Check out my video review (plus the “behind the scenes” outtakes) below the recipe card.

(Click on the recipe card to enlarge, and click on the “Pin” icon in the upper-right corner to pin!)

Hot Chocolate Dream Recipe Card

If you can’t see the video below, click here to watch it directly on youtube!

You can still get this book in time for your New Year’s celebrations. Enjoy!

Thanks for reading & watching!






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  1. Diana S. says

    I agree. Too cute!!! And A Christmas Story…favorite-movie-ever. I have it on in the background during our Christmas festivities for the whole 24 hours when it airs, and I’m still sad when it’s over.

  2. Casey says

    Nice! Thanks for the review – I was browsing and saw this book the other day 😉 Sounds festive (like your sweater, hehe)

  3. says

    You are amazing… that is all.

    Oh, and I love mulled wine. Defs gonna be on my hit list! If only it wasn’t going to be stinking hot and humid here. Chilled mulled wine is a thing, right?

    • says

      Um, googling mulled wine NOW! That sounds incredible. I know what mulled cider is…

      Of course mulled wine is a thing. Sounds like a more earthy sangria 😉

  4. Alicia Pham says

    Liz, you are awesome and I especially loved the tidbits at the end. I thought the video was over went to try and pin the recipe then realized the video truly was not over. I also wanted to say you are “amaze-balls” but I didn’t think perhaps that’s the right context for the word when I’ve heard it on The Balanced Bites podcast. It’s getting a little late for this tired mama too so my brain is definitely not firing on all cylinders.

    (((HUGS))) Keep those videos coming!

    • says

      Amaze-balls is always appropriate, no matter what the context 🙂 Hugs to you, tired mama! I hope you get some sleep and THANK YOU for watching!

  5. Brandy Landen says

    Dear Liz, I just watched your book review on a work break…I’m a counselor on a helpline, so it can get a little stressful! YOU ARE HYSTERICAL! I love you! You’re the best, funniest, most real person in the Paleosphere, and I’m grateful to see you being YOU, so wonderfully and unapologetically. I SO get your humor! Thank you for your courage and warmth and realness, and most of all for inspiring those of us who have been searching so desperately for so long for REAL HEALTH and beauty, from the inside out. I heard y’all’s Balanced Bites Podcast this morning on the way to work and I am SO STOKED for your book! I pre-ordered it already! I’m counting the days for it to arrive. Meanwhile, I just stalked some links for OCM and No Poo to begin in the New Year when I do 21DSD AIP. (And I thought my profession had a ton of acronyms! LOL!!!) I promise to leave a review on iTunes soon also…for now, gotta get back to work. BIG HUGS and I think you should shame those two goats for wobbling their heads at you. (Do goats get embarrassed??) <3 Brandy, aka Peach Bella

  6. LaLa says

    Made the Peppermint Chocolate Dream recipe last night – Deeeelish! So nice and rich! Sneakily fed it to some non-Paleo-ers (that’s a word FYI) and they loved it! Success. Keep the videos comin’! PS – Skintervention has changed my life. And my skin. And my hair. Reccomending it to e’rybody!

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