Paleo gifts for Real Food lovers (all under $30!)

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Okay, friends. The holiday season is upon us. No, this season need not be about gifts or material possessions – unless you want it to be (wink), in which case it’s time you put together your Paleo Gifts wish list!

Everything on this list has changed my life/saved my fingers/made me suck less at cooking, so they’re surely perfect for the Paleo/Primal/Real Foodie in your life.


Here’s the short stack, in case reading my blather ain’t your thing:

  1. Salad Shooter
  2. Spiralizer
  3. Chop Wizard
  4. Leg Lamp (not Paleo, or under $30, but whatevs.)

Be sure to read to the end for a chance to win some goodies!

(And, if you’re awesome, you can get the last item on the Paleo Gifts list for that special someone who understands that A Christmas Story is basically the most profoundly awesome holiday movie ever, aside from It’s a Wonderful Life and the first Home AloneIf you feel there are others worthy of the title, please feel free to post them to the comments. But it’ll be a hard sell.)

Some of these gifts may seem odd, but trust me – they’re life-changing, especially for the Good Food for Bad Cooks type. We aren’t all fancy kitchen chef-fy types with hordes of expensive gadgets and gizmos, and we don’t all WANT to be that type. Most of us just need a few key kitchen whoozits or whatzits and we’re good.

And lots of times, kitchen gadget or not, we don’t know we need something until somebody gifts it to us. (Case in point: I never knew I needed this until I received it from a very generous great-aunt. Who was apparently trying to tell me something. Something I perhaps couldn’t hear before I received her lovely gift.)

So here are my favorite Paleo gifts – all (er, most) under $30 and perfect for the Paleo – Primal – Real Food Lover in your life. Check ‘em out!

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Paleo Gift #1: The Salad Shooter.

(Sing the old theme song with me: Salad shooter, helps you every day!)


This thing is the absolute best tool for shredding sweet potato and winter squash for hash. It literally takes seconds! Just feed a ‘tater in, and perfectly hashed ‘tater comes out. It shreds, slices, and crinkle-cuts veggies, and is super easy to clean. One of my all-time faves, right up there with…

Paleo Gift #2: The Spiralizer.

This thing opens up a brand new world of Paleo, Primal and Real Food cuisine – it’s the Gluten-Free pasta lover’s dream.


It makes perfect spaghetti noodles…out of zucchini. It makes perfect ribbons for thai-inspired dishes, like the incredible Thai Pad See Ew from Danielle Walker’s Against All Grain cookbook. It is literally a cooking magic show. And it doesn’t require electricity – so you can take it with you to a deserted island. Just like…

Paleo Gift #3: The Vidalia Chop Wizard

This one probably seems a bit weird, but I AM weird. Also, I love my fingertips, which means I hate chopping. Which is why I love this.


All you have to do is slice things a teensy bit, into manageable slices, then put them on the grate. Then, SLAM! You get to smack the lid down and chop your veggies with Van Damme-like force and precision. You get UNIFORMLY chopped veggies, and not chopped fingers! Best!

Now, on to the important gift. The full-sized Leg Lamp from A Christmas Story.

Okay, so this isn’t Paleo. It’s probably not even Gluten-free. It’s certainly not under $30…But c’mon, this is just as amazing as enjoying bacon and eggs guilt-free – so I think it fits right in.


A Christmas Story is one of the only movies I’m actually willing to watch ON TELEVISION, with commercials. TBS runs “24 Hours of A Christmas Story” every year, and without fail, it’s on ALL DAY at my house. When you’ll watch something in realtime, with commercials, you know that’s love. And for some odd reason, as much as I love and crave this movie all year, I just can’t bring myself to watch it any other day. What’s up with that?

Anyway, although I would also love “a can of Simoniz” as my ACS gift this year, I think I’ll have to go for the long shot: the full-sized Leg Lamp.

(“Fra-gee-lay. That must be Italian!“)

(“Yeeeah, a statue!“)

(“Mommy’s little piggie!“)

(“You used up alllll the glue…on PURPOSE!“)

If you’ve got other favorite Paleo-friendly gifts, leave a comment! What do you want to receive (or give) this year?

Thanks for reading!





Liz Wolfe, NTP


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  1. Natasha says

    The hardest part is deciding which one I want! But probably the hash-maker. That would save a lot of time given the number of sweet potatoes our CSA has been giving us….

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