Good food: where to find it.

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There are a few questions I’m asked frequently:

“Can I eat bacon?”

“Wanna hear the most annoying sound in the world?”

“What (product, resource, Paleo/Primal/Real Food-friendly goodie) do you use/recommend?”

I decided it was time to compile a list so as to answer at least two of the three burning inquiries listed above. (The other answer is, of course, “YES!”)

Full disclosure: I’m an “affiliate” at a few of these companies (look for the underlined hyperlinks). I get credit for any purchase made IF you click over from this blog. This does NOT account for my decision to recommend these products/companies. I use and believe in everything below – in fact, I bought from these companies long before I was ever an affiliate.  Again – I use every product listed in this series.

All that said, you don’t really need to buy (or raise, or grow) anything but meat & veggies to make this lifestyle work.


Short list:
Local farms if possible
Bacon from US Wellness Meats or Heritage Food USA
Eggs from Tropical Traditions
Meat (all kinds) from Tropical Traditions, Heritage Food USA or US Wellness Meats

BACON: Let’s answer the question “Can I eat bacon?” first. YES. You can eat bacon. In fact, it may be the best choice when it comes to pork products. (Why? See this study.)

Locally sourced pork bacon (main); broiled beef bacon from USWM (inset). Not pictured: Happy Tummy.

MORE important than that, however, is to always, always, ALWAYS seek pastured pork. Your pork should be from a local farmer who feeds and raises their pigs in a humane, environmentally-appropriate manner – this produces the most nutritionally sound meat.

For us, bacon is almost a luxury, as we’re bound by local availability and the cost-restrictive nature of ordering “the good stuff.” If you don’t have a local farmer, I highly recommend ordering your bacon from US Wellness Meats. They have both nitrate-free and sugar-free varieties. Their beef bacon is phenomenal as well – but you must make it under the broiler! Heritage Food USA is also an excellent option.

If you worry about  any of the (delicious) bacon fat being more prone to oxidation when pan-fried, you can bake it instead (on foil, atop cookie sheet, for 25-ish minutes at 350). Again – the beef bacon is best broiled!

OTHER MEATS and EGGS: Again, local farms (or CowShares) are ideal – but you can also mail-order quality meats from Heritage Food USA, US Wellness Meats, or Tropical Traditions. TT eggs are terrific (the pastured chickens, in addition to the bugs n’ grubs they find on pasture, are also given “cocofeed,” never soy) and both HFUSA and TT are good sources for beef, lamb and bison (and TT has organ meats). USWM is incredibly supportive of the Paleo/Primal/Real Food community and their entire staff is wonderful.


Short List:
WFN Mayo                                                                               Tamrind Chutney
Fab Ferments Kraut                                                               Wild Planet Sardines or Vital Choice Sardines
PIF Ghee                                                                                    KerryGold Butter
Coconut Aminos/Coconut Vinegar                                    Pure Wraps
Red Palm Oil/Coconut Oil/Palm Shortening                 Redmond Real Salt and Celtic Sea Salt
Dave’s Gourmet Sauce                                                            Kasandrinos EV Olive Oil

GOOD ENOUGH TO BUY (NOT DIY): I have several obsessions that fall into the “yeah, I could make a decent version at home, but these are SO DAMN GOOD I feel like paying shipping and also throwing the geniuses who made them a parade” category.

First, the healthy mayonnaise from Wilderness Family Naturals. Oh. My. Gawd. It is amazing. Blended with chicken, crumbled bacon and sauteed onion – it’s a chicken salad-gasm. And it’s a blend of uber-healthful oils (including coconut) and organic spices. I have never tasted anything like it – I buy it by the case. (Fact: Every other mayo – especially the store-bought kind, and including Miracle Whip – is garbage. Garbage ingredients, garbage flavor.) Update: they have added non-GMO xanthan gum to the product due to customers complaining about separation. I never had a separation problem and find xanthan gum unnecessary, but still trust the product.

Next, the many amazing Krauts from Fabulous Ferments. I’m obsessed with Red Apple Caraway, Cosmic Curry, Hot Kimchi and, of course, original Kraut. (If you make your own, check out Diane’s recipe.)

Finally, Ghee from Pure Indian Foods. I talk more about it here. I first met the people behind the product at the Weston A. Price conference way back when. They are great people and their ghee is made in the Ayurvedic tradition from the delicious, Vitamin K2-rich butterfat of grass-fed cows. Bonus for me: they’re a local company.



Short List (besides the obvious homemade fare – the below are travel-friendly):
Paleo Kits
Sea Snax
Coconut Flakes (WFNTropical Traditions or other)
Artisana Coconut Butter

I love Paleo Kits, and not just because they’re delicious and portable. Sales of these products support Steve’s Club National Program. See this page for more. In short, every purchase helps fund athletic training, nutritional guidance and mentorship for at-risk youth. The video below features some of the hard-working athletes from Steve’s Club Camden, which shares space with my home gym (back when I lived in New Jersey, that is).

Other great, portable snacks: Sea Snax; olives (any kind); hard-boiled eggs; coconut flakes (my favorites are from Tropical Traditions and Wilderness Family Naturals); Artisana coconut butter (individual packets – yay); soaked and dried macadamia nuts from WFN. All that said, when I eat a good breakfast (often with a cup of coffee made in my new AeroPress), I usually don’t need to snack.


We feed our bulldozer dog raw, and we’ve been around the block with everything from homemade grind to pre-made specialty brands. His digestion has never been better since we started ordering these raw chicken“steaks.” They’re a mix of organs and muscle meat/meal, coconut, and a bit of foliage for good measure. Behold, an email from the woman who runs our Kennel…

There is no greater compliment for a dog owner. (The poops don’t lie.)


I imagine our pooch will outlive us. (Not only does he love to play AND sleep to the max, he knows no “stress” or “day job.”)



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