Mouth Money – 30 Days, Day 29

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As I bring Mouth Money V.1 to a close, I’ve been asked “what’s next?” Nothing changes for me – I’ll continue to eat “clean” as I have been – but with the self-satisfaction of having “walked the walk” publicly. I will relieve myself – and my three readers – of the dutiful daily FACEBOOK/TWITTER updates (unless the day’s meals truly stand out) while continuing to gauge my own progress and seek knowledge about nutrition and healthful living, as well as how I can improve upon my current choices.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Moving on…

Breakfast: Day 29 started with a nice hotel breakfast of scrambled eggs and bacon and one blackberry. I’m not sure if the blackberry was a stowaway or if it actually came with the meal. Regardless, I appreciated that blackberry.

Lunch: Delicious meat & veggie chili atop a plate of zucchini and tomato. My boss grew these tomatoes, which means she’s good for somethin.’

If you can grow your own tomatoes, I'm thinking you can make your own copies, Boss.

Dinner: A big serving of Who-Hash with a dollop of Parsnip Mash on top. The Hash and the Mash have come up a few times – One good thing about the conclusion of Mouth Money is that I can go back to my generally monotonous food routine without feeling guilty. I have tried to keep an eye for variety the last 30 days to keep my 6-person audience (I’m counting WordPress and our two other home computers in that figure) enthralled, but I’m usually happy eating the same thing every day for a week.

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