It's OK to disagree (but not about Reality TV).

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(See how I made poetry?)

I’ve gotten some questions (read: heated reactions) about a few of the e-books included in the Toadally Primal Wellness Bundle.

Some of these books are decidedly un-Paleorthodox. As in – they run against the common “Paleo” grain (lulz). I won’t name names – if ya know, ya know – but here’s the deal: if we aren’t exposed to alternative points of view, we stagnate.

Without the thoughtful input of people who slightly, moderately, or even completely disagree with our personal set of guidelines, we lose our edge. We get tunnel-vision. We forget what brought us here in the first place: questioning everything.

Yes, flour-tossing Veg*s and the staunch SAD-defenders have been wrung out, and with good reason: they’ve had their chance, and their beliefs don’t hold up to scrutiny (historic or scientific). But there’s a world  of interesting ideas within this real-food community that are worth kicking around – if only to keep us on our toes! Nobody’s making you accept anything as truth. But what’s the harm in considering a new – even controversial – idea?

I’ll stop there – but here’s my bottom line: I respect anyone who’s out there working to help, doing their due diligence and taking the time to talk about their beliefs (even the FTV’s and SADD’s). I may or may not incorporate certain recommendations, because reading an e-book doesn’t mean I’m required to do anything. The final judgment of a recommendation is how it holds up to my own intuition. And until you do something real bad – like delete The Bachelorette: Ashley and JP’s Wedding from my DVR without permission – you get my “Respek.” **

Boo-yah-kah-shaah! #AshleyAndJP4Ever

Boo-yah-kah-shaah! #AshleyAndJP4Ever

** if there’d been a clip from Da Ali G show that would’ve maintained my PG/PG13 blog rating, I would’ve linked it.


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  1. Amy says

    Great post! I totally agree that it’s so important to get information from a variety of sources. I can’t remember where, but I read an article one time about a study related to political views. Basically it boiled down to those that read things exclusively to their point of view or only interacted with like minded people only became more entrenched in their own views, where as people who read a variety or sources and interacted with a mix of people had a more balanced opinion or at least had a better understanding of why they believed what they believed.

    I’m studying to be an NTP right now, and even though I have a lot of required reading to do I like to read things from a variety of sources outside of class. Serves as a great gut check to the things I’m learning.

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