Introducing…Real Food LOVE!

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Yay! I sold out!

I’m kidding. (Kind of.) I always told myself I wouldn’t make T-shirts, because who on this planet needs more o’ those?! Once you’ve told the world you don’t eat crap and that turkey bacon is not bacon, and once you’ve gone to half a CrossFit competition and proved your attendance with sixteen Again Faster tanks, what more could you have to say?

But then I realized I’d become grizzled and rundown in my years-long quest across the farthest/furthest (it’s a literal AND a figurative journey) corners of the earth, looking for that perfect blend of cotton and bold statements. Here’s me, just a few weeks ago, exhausted from my journey:


I’d looked for – but never found – a way to tell the world to “Make Broth” and “Eat Bacon.” I longed for a means to communicate my affection for butter on my plate and butter in my coffee.

I wanted everyone to know what Gluten is really for.

So I asked for help from the amazing Alex Boake. And together, we made magic. (Well, she did, mostly.)

And this is me, today.


The Real Food Love collection is finally HERE!

Everything about it screams “I EAT STUFF YOU DON’T” “I LOVE NUTRIENTS, COFFEE AND BACON” …and that’s what life is all about, isn’t it?

Click here, or on the image below, to be taken to my Spreadshirt store.
FREE SHIPPING January 28-10, 2013 with code FREELOVE!


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    CGE- I would like a phone case that says “Bacon is the New Black.” Please make that happen. kthxbai

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