Good Nutrition in 100 Words (version 4.0)

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Every now and again, when I’m up for a nerdventure challenge, I revise the original Nutrition in 100 Words (which I created in a collaboration with Steve’s PaleoGoods and which appears in my book Eat the Yolks) to reflect my constantly evolving understanding of nutrition and health.

It has been suggested that I add raw dairy and properly-prepared grains to the mix; however, encouraging people to seek raw dairy really needs to come with a discussion of HOW to source it and from where (too many words) so I leave the dairy to fall under the “fats from pasture-raised animals” line – as I do think dairy fat is amazing and a great source of Vitamins A, D and K2.

However, I don’t necessarily think dairy protein (as in, milk) is appropriate for everyone. So if you’re in the know, you know. I don’t begrudge anyone their raw milk. (More context on the “is it Paleo?” question here.)

There’s also the question of “properly-prepared grains;” that is, old-school varieties of grains (not the modern hybridized stuff) that are soaked, sprouted, and/or fermented to reduce their anti-nutrient load. That’s one I don’t generally advocate, though not because they can’t be part of a wholesome lifestyle for some people.

I don’t have a problem with properly-prepared grains per se, but I do think, against the backdrop of the rest of the 100 Words, they are one thing that can be dispensable and unnecessary. Hey, same can also be said for nuts – which I did include in 100 words – but that’s the forager in me.

(Note that this is actually 102 words, but 4 of them are concatenated. So we only count two. GRAMMAR, YO!)

All in all, I think it’s the last 3 lines that are most important. Hope you like – and feel free to leave suggestions in the comments or on the facebook page!

Nutrition in 100 Words

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  1. Kristin S says

    Love it! Especially the last line. I think fuel is the perfect word instead of eat. It just packs a bigger punch and really gets to the point of what food really is. It’s not just something you eat, but it is what gives your body energy and health!

  2. Deb says

    I keep my 100-word sheet in my purse- I got it from you at the LA event a few months ago. Any time I want to tell people how I eat, I hand them this- wish I had more of them!! Maybe I’ll print out a few and spread the good word!

      • says

        yes, it was a postcard. Definitely can spread your word and your name around. A great marketing tool to be sure. I’m thinking that if it’s not too expensive, you could include a few for everyone who orders something from you with the suggestion to pass it along to friends,family and other skeptics haha? Or you could see if they would sell on their own? Not my area of expertise I’m afraid! But I sure do love mine. And it’s handy to be able to give it to people and let them keep it, rather than ask for it back like I’m doing! ;-)

      • Kristin S says

        I think that would be awesome! I love that I get one with my Steve’s Original orders. I have one at my office and one on my fridge at home. Once I start my NTP business, I’d love to have them to give out to people, so I’d definitely buy some if you made them!


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