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All right, y’all! This post used to be a review AND giveaway, but the giveaway is now CLOSED! However, please read on for a review and details about my choice in holistic dental care.

I also go in-depth on nutritional, digestive and topical/self-care strategies in my Skintervention GuideIf you’re in need of deeper healing, please consider checking it out!

If you’re ready to try OraWellness, please consider ordering through this link – I will receive a small portion of every order as a referral bonus. No costs are passed along to you, ever!

For the original post about OraWellness, read on…

I mouth off PLENTY. I want to continue to do so, for the benefit of all who fall under my verbal spittle storm umbrella – so I need my mouth to be in action for a long time to come. I need to take good care of it.

I remember, as a kid, having a decent amount of dental work. I had a root canal as a teen. I was in the dentist chair at least long/often enough to request a somewhat odd (and awesome) piece of artwork that, for whatever reason, I considered an optimal conversation starter all through college:

Tat-TOOTH. Get it?

Behold, my wicked cool ”tattooth” – another part of my noise-cavern I want preserved for as long as possible. (I did my best to blur the better part of my chomping-pit. Because, if you’re like me, you feel the same way about other peoples’ mouths that you do about other peoples’ children. As in, you don’t want to look in their fly-traps all day.) Anyway…#Jayhawks.

For many years my gums have bled way too easily. Dentists and hygeinists have mentioned it in passing – never offering any counseling other than the standard brush, floss, here’s-some-Colgate-and-an-Oral-B;  so I always assumed it wasn’t that big a deal. My oral health improved when I changed my diet, but my gums were still fairly quick to bleed.

So for my most recent cleaning, I decided to seek a “biological dentist” – which is a Dentist in the educational/traditional/pie-hole-investigative sense of the word; but one who works in an integrative and holistic paradigm to optimize the foundations of dental health (which, as I now understand – thanks in great part to the work of Weston A. Price – is as much related to good nutrition as anything else).

Dr. Silver actually counseled me on what I needed to do to resolve this gum issue. (PS – he’s hilarious. Any dentist who attempts – and then fails – to implement a “no sarcasm Wednesday” is great in my book.) I’ve got the nutritional part down, but he mentioned that there are both internal and external reasons for things like inflammation and – yup – bleeding gums. And instead of sending me home with Colgate and Oral B, he requested that I got started with a different style of brushing. It involved an essential oil blend – the exact stuff recommended by a company called OraWellness.

This advice came at the perfect time, because OraWellness had just approached me with a chance to try their product. I had no prior experience with the supplies OraWellness or my dentist were promoting – though I’ve used other such “alternative” things as homemade toothpaste, fluoride-free Tom’s, Sonicare, and even oil pulling. But I’ve never used essential oils exclusively OR the odd brush they recommended. Here’s what the stuff looks like – on the left, the brush and bristle close-up (the bristle tips are round!) and on the right, the bottle of essential oils:

At first I wasn’t sure I could “buy in.” But having a real-life dentist show me the exact same product, with no knowledge of my chat with Orawellness, convinced me to give it a try.


Will and Susan, the people behind OraWellness, seem truly passionate about oral health (you may have seen them around other websites in the Paleo/Primal/Real Food Community). In discussing the internal vs. external factors involved in oral health, they wrote to me:
“While we know that the fundamental angle each of us must take to truly create health is through system wide immune support (diet, stop introducing toxins into system, health supporting exercise, quality rest, stress relief, to name a few), we also suggest that folks can stop the damage that the ‘bad bugs’ [the bugs responsible for gum disease] create in the mouth by using oral care products that actually help that have no harmful ingredients.”
Amen. That’s what I aim for in my Body (and Home) Care adventures. Check out Orawellness’ page on why they use their particular blend of essential oils and how they work. Also be sure to check out the tongue-in-cheek (Ha! Oral care enthusiast joke!) videos they’ve posted about fun things like saliva swishing and the Bass Brushing technique.
Bottom line, I’m convinced. I love the deep sense of cool freshness the oil blend brings without the conventional car-wash-foam-and-lather or the thick paste of the homemade stuff. I definitely like the way the Bass technique has addressed the issues I’ve had with my gums. I’m working on their saliva “optimization” techniques, which I hope will help with tooth remineralization. I have a follow-up appointment with my dentist in a few weeks, and I expect even more improvement by then (and possibly a few accolades, provided I’m scheduled for no-sarcasm Wednesday). I hereby dub this stuff OraWOWness.


  1. Jen DeMoss says

    hey there, i liked the orawellness facebook page!

    also, i haven’t been getting your blog updates to my email, am i supposed to be receiving them?

    • says

      If you subscribe to the RSS, each new post will appear in your feed! The newsletter (the sign-up box you see) will be active soon, but will be more of a monthly update. It won’t notify you of new posts! I hope that helps :) Thank you for reading Jen!

  2. Betsy says

    I liked the OraWellness Facebook page. This is cool stuff. I also have a holistic dentist. It’s nice not to have to fight off the fluoride treatment at every visit. :)

  3. Annie says

    I signed up for the newsletter. Oral health is just the latest iteration on my quest for living clean. I just saw a post re: oil pulling – but that seems a little involved for me right now, this looks like a good altenative. – Annie

  4. Carole says

    Sounds like something I need!! Would LOVE to be able to try it out!!

    Signed up!! : )


    Have a great day!!

  5. Rebecca says

    Liked the page! Been interested in trying it for a while now .. the only thing that stopped me was the price :( and being skeptical. I suffer from bleeding gums as well so it would be great to find a product that actually worked!

    • says

      Hi Rebecca,

      We hear you on the price. We do offer several packages to help reduce the per bottle sticker shock. Bottom line is we believe that folks are willing to pay more for a product that actually helps and is made from the highest quality ingredients, in this case 100% organic and wild crafted ingredients.

      By the way, bleeding gums is an early sign of imbalance. It’s easy to restore balance at this point. Please consider going to our site and watching the video titled How to Brush Your Teeth to Reduce Gum Disease. It’s free and has some information that could help you navigate back to greater oral health.

      To your health!

  6. Liz says

    I’ve actually been considering trying Orawellness for my receding gums. I’ve signed up for their newsletter and like their Facebook page. Thanks for doing this giveaway and getting natural dental care out there!

    • says

      It’s real! I got it probably 10 years ago…my dentist at the time had gone to KU as well and I, on a whim, asked if you could tattoo a design on dental work. He said yes! Which is why I now feel no shame in asking random, weird questions…because you never know!

  7. Bea says

    Done and Done likes and signed up for the newsletter, I am intrigued since gums have always been a problem not teeth (cavities? never had one). I am super excited!

    • says

      Hi Jen,

      There is so much we can do (much of it free) to help create greater oral health!

      Freedom of choice is based on knowledge of alternatives. Without choice we can’t have freedom. We can’t have freedom without the knowledge that other options exist. Unless we know that alternatives exist, we simply don’t have the options…

      To your health!

  8. says

    liked on facebook and signed up for the newsletter. other natural dental hygiene products haven’t thrilled me, but i am game to try something new — especially since you seem so psyched on it and i do so trust you. :)

    • says

      Hi LizO,

      We hear you that you haven’t been thrilled by other natural dental hygiene products. We weren’t either. That’s one of the reasons we created our own! :)

      By the way, we have a one year, 365 day, no questions asked, money back guarantee.

  9. Jill says

    I signed up for the newsletter. I hope I win…have been looking for a good( and not bad tasting( to me, like baking soda) natural oral care regime.

    • says


      Agreed on the flavor of baking soda! :) Here is what a couple happy customers had to say about the flavor of OraWellness:

      “I’m loving the Brushing Blend! It makes my mouth feel alive and so clean. The blend of flavors is delicious.” ~KH, California

      “I love this product! What I like most is the naturally refreshed way my mouth tastes for hours after using this product.” ~ TC, Kingston, NY

      Holler with any questions. We’re here to help!

    • says

      Hi Kellybelly,

      Tempt, tempt… How about a free Bass toothbrush with the purchase of a bottle of OraWellness to tempt you further to try our products? :) We do offer a one year money back guarantee. Yes, that’s really how confident we are that you will benefit from using our products!

  10. becky says

    I have had bleeding gums since I was a kid. I am glad I found this post and will be researching oral wellness and follow them on Facebook

    • says


      You aren’t alone. In fact, 65% of 15 year olds have signs of active gum disease. The good news is the sign of bleeding gums is early on in the progression so is easily remedied.

      To your health!

  11. Sarena says

    I liked the fb page! Intrigued and wouldmlove to try although I am happy with y Thieves products from Young Living!

    My dentist remarked recentlynhow y teeth are so much better. I attribute this to paleo!

    • says

      Hi Sarena,

      Congrats on getting the dentist thumbs up! That always feels so good. Eating well definitely plays a foundational role for creating greater health, oral health included! Thieves is a good product. For the sake of clarity, I do want to draw a distinction between the thieves product line and OraWellness.

      First, the products are similar in that they both are made from the highest grade of essential oils, called ‘therapeutic grade’.

      The difference lies in the fact that the thieves blend is made from cinnamon, clove, etc, all of which are ‘warming’ oils. OraWellness was formulated as a balance of both warming and cooling oils.

      You see, our background is in the Chinese healing arts. As such we are very aware of the concept of balance called yin and yang. My concern about long term use of an oral health product made of only warming oils (or only cooling oils for that matter) is that it could inadvertently imbalance the system and create ill health in the long run.

      If you would like to read more about this line of thought, here’s a link to an article we wrote on the subject. http://www.orawellness.com/Articles/why-is-orawellness-such-a-great-product.html

      To your health!

  12. says

    I liked the FB page! ;) And noticed that your dentist is in South Jersey – that’s where my in laws live (specifically, they live in Mount Laurel)… we’re going there tomorrow and staying for a couple of weeks! So I might just try to go to Dr. Silver! Thanks :)

  13. Lisa says

    liked them on FB! looks like a good step towards getting rid of the chemicals in my bathroom!

  14. Brooke says

    I’m new in this alternative oral wellness as my 4 year old daughter has presented with 13 caries despite a relatively clean diet and oral hygiene regimen. (Her two older brothers are without any cavities at 8 and 11 years old.) Her dentist insists we fill her with metal fillings and switch to fluoride toothpaste. I was scouring the internet for alternatives when I came across your blog post. Now to go on to their webpage and see what I can’t do about getting this stuff to Canada for a try. I’ll subscribe while there and cross my fingers for a win in the draw.
    Many thanks,

    • says

      Hi Brooke,

      I hear your frustration with your family circumstances. So many factors play into such situations like one child having dental issues and another seeming immune to them.

      While I can’t say that your son would have the same response, here is what one family sent us about their young son’s decay.

      “The dentist says the decay on our son’s front teeth has stopped. Thank you for making such a wonderful product!” ~ GS, Hawaii

      So you know, we do ship to Canada regularly. :) We look forward to hearing from you. Feel free to holler with questions. We’re here to help.

  15. gma says

    Many, many years ago I had a problem with tender, bleeding, and receding gums. I began gingerly brushing my gums and the roof of my mouth and my tongue. At first it was umpleasant — be gentle! — but I soon was over that unpleasantness. It toughened these areas up. I’ve exercised these areas in this way for a long time now. Gums and entire mouth are now stabilized, cleaner, and healthy. What could be more natural?

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