Clear Skin Secrets

Eating the right food isn’t the only clear skin secret. A few surprising things matter even more.
When I began this Real Food journey, I wasn’t thinking about clearing my skin. But over time, and with lots of research into what worked for my body, I found the clear skin secrets that worked for me.
I had super wonky skin for awhile there. (I list a few of the issues – and the prescriptions I took – in the video below.)
I distinctly remember asking my friend Ashley to take a picture of my weird outbreaks with a lovely, yellow disposable camera (because I’m so old I’m pre-selfie and my worst skin days are pre cameras in cell phones) so I could show my dermatologist all the crazy cycles of terrible my skin would go through in the course of a month.
I hit a lot of pitfalls along the skin-clearing way, one of which was believing, once I found a healthier way of eating, that FOOD was the only thing that mattered. If I went Paleo, or if I just REAL FOODED HARDER, things had to improve, right? Acne, eczema, sallow skin, dry skin, oily skin, flaky scalp, greasy hair…they’d all just get better, right?
Truth is, for many people, this isn’t what happens at all. And it’s because food isn’t the only thing that matters. Yes, it matters a heckuva lot – but there are a few things that matter even more.

Check out my video on clear skin secrets for the rundown! While I can’t give you all the information you need in a 5-minute video, you’ll have plenty to Google (and some great resources to check out) by the end, including my Purely Primal Skincare Guide.
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The Paleo Approach for autoimmunity
My Purely Primal Skincare Guide 
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Thanks for reading and watching!

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7 Responses

  1. Great post! Completely agree that good skin starts on the inside but needs to be supported (gently) from the outside. My two secret weapons are sardines and collagen! I am always trying to convince people to try sardines (did a blog post for sardine virgins) but most people are creeped out. The collagen is a little easier to work into your routine.

  2. Liz I am a running and lifting enthusiast, former hardcore vegan and present health food nut. My ability to devour books on holistic natural health is becoming concerning for those who love me. I am seriously considering perusing my masters in Nutrition, but I wanted your opinion. I stay home with my kids and would do it online, but I am not getting a good idea out there of a reputable curriculum that is cookie-cutter, food pyramid derived nutrition from anywhere. Help!

    1. Excuse my typo Liz: I am searching for a curriculum that is NOT acookie-cutter,food pyramid based nutrition program. I have looked at a few sources online but havnt found any accredited Online programs who’s mission and curriculum even come close to the wealth of Nutritional information I have gathered from even some of my favorite Health/Nutrition/global Health information books by Ty Bollinger and Johnathan Emord. No source I have found skims the surface or offers such a program online. Any help would be appreciated

      1. Hi Kim! You made me laugh…”My ability to devour books on holistic natural health is becoming concerning for those who love me” haha 🙂 NTA is great and is in NO way cookie cutter! But NOT accredited! Accreditation is a bit of a political process, and I do hope they’ll be accredited one day, but as of now I believe the #1 accredited program is IIN (which I looked at, but chose NTA instead). Have you looked at my review? Might help!

  3. Hi Liz, I’ve had acne for about 6 years now and it has gone from minor acne to deep cysts all over my face. Needless to say I’ve tried many things that haven’t helped and I’m looking into purchasing your purely primal skincare guide- I’m concerned that it’ll be another one of those failed attempts because I already eat pretty clean and nutritiously and that hasn’t done it. An interesting occurrence that might shed some light- the other day I had a bad stomach bug with throwing up and the works- I was really weak and had no appetite, BUT my skin felt much better. When my stomach bug passed and I ate a nutritious dinner- I immediately felt my skin turn oily and the cyst start to swell. That was a really strange bit I noticed and I’m wondering if you have any insight or your guide might address it.

    1. Hi Shayna! I’m so sorry that your comment was filtered into my spam! Ack! If this were me, I’d probably think my digestive system and liver were really taxed, possibly by hormone imbalance or gut flora imbalance, causing an increase in endotoxin production that basically taxes/stresses the liver which then has issues detoxifying noxious substances (which is its job!) The fact that eating is a trigger just tells me the processing machinery is having a rough go. If it were me, I might look in to playing around with a daily raw carrot salad with coconut oil and vinegar a-la Ray Peat – maybe some hormone testing to see if estrogen is abnormally high in relation to progesterone, maybe playing with ratios and types of food – different levels and types of fats, reducing starches in favor of fruits for carb. I’m not sure the guide will have too much in the way of specifics for your situation, and if you’re already versed in nutritious food, it might be less valuable to you. Part 3 of the guide is all about topical care, but since your issue is clearly modulated systemically, that part might be irrelevant to you as well. Sorry to make you wait on my answer!

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