Cleansing, redefined. (The Oil Cleansing Method)

This post was originally published in December 2010. It has been revised and republished.

I have had amazing success with a strange-sounding method of natural skincare called “The Oil Cleansing Method.” Along with the dietary, supplemental and digestive strategies outlined in the next edition of my Purely Primal Skincare Guide (hop on my list to get email updates), I’ve been able to keep my skin happy and clear without harsh cleansers or soaps.

The way I treat my skin from the outside has changed dramatically over the last decade. At one time, I used multiple prescriptions and all the so-called “gentle”/”non-comedogenic”/”oil-fighting”/buzzword-laden drugstore crud in a desperate attempt to treat symptoms (acne, oily skin, and uneven tone) rather than addressing the root cause of my problems (hormonal and bodily imbalances and topically irritated skin).

Switching to the Oil Cleansing Method, along with using oils exclusively to moisturize, truly made my skin better and more clear than it has ever been.

At the time, this was completely out of the norm (there wasn’t a single oil-based serum on the market then – now, there are hundreds!)

My daily skincare routine has changed dramatically, and so has my skin. But this hasn’t been the only piece of my skin healing puzzle – nutrition and digestive health are key too. Check out this post for more on that.

It may sound crazy to use oil on the skin when most people are trying to get rid of oil, but let me tell you: I used to have oily skin, and this works! As I learned in 7th Grade Biology (or as the interwebs tell me that I should’ve learned), “like dissolves like” – so does the cleansing oil dissolve the oily gunk stuck on my face and in my pores.

At the same time, the oils nourish and balance my skin. Happily, this routine also works on dry and combination skin!

You don’t have to work as hard at this regimen as you may think, especially after your skin has reached a point where you’re happy and in “maintenance mode.” For me, one day per week of by-the-book oil cleansing (as explained below) is excellent, but the rest of the time I tend to do a few different, lower-maintenance things:

I’ll massage my oil of choice into my skin (usually jojoba), then briefly cover my face with a warm (NOT HOT) washcloth and wipe away – once to remove makeup if necessary, then again to cleanse.

Some days I’ll even simply wipe my face with a soft cloth and dab a light oil like Rose Hip Seed oil on as a moisturizer.

What this method has shown me, above all, is how powerful oils can be for the skin.

More on the Oil Cleansing Method can be found here, where I originally discovered the regimen, and I describe my personal routine (which I believe improves upon that method), below.

My Oil Cleansing Method

I start with three basic oils: castor oil for deep cleansing (hazelnut oil can be used as a replacement for castor), organic sweet almond oil as a carrier oil to blend with the castor oil, and jojoba oil or rose hip seed oil as a light post-cleansing moisturizer.

Castor oil has a long history in wound treatment and holistic medicine, and even Ayurveda. It’s incredibly potent, considered a topically-applied anti-inflammatory, and NOT EVER EVER EVER for cooking. Unless you’re not planning on hanging on to your meal for too long. (That’s a motility joke.)

Here’s how I cleanse:

  1. I add 1 part Castor oil to 2 parts sweet almond oil for my cleansing mixture, to equal about 1-2 tsp oil blend. I do this only in the evenings.
  2. I apply the mixture to my face, massage gently for a few minutes, then apply a very warm (NOT hot) washcloth over the oil to my face to open the pores, holding the warm cloth on my skin for a minute or so. (Remember, if it’s too hot for your hands, it’s too hot for your face.)
  3. An added benefit of facial massage: lymph drainage!
  4. After the first stint with the warm washcloth, I massage the remaining oil in again, use the warm washcloth again, then gently wipe all remaining oil off as best I can. I pat my skin dry, then add a thin layer of moisturizing oil.

A few fun facts about the oils you might choose to cleanse and moisturize with:

  • Jojoba oil is actually a wax ester, and is extremely close in structure to the skin’s natural sebum. It creates the perfect balance – my skin doesn’t over-or under-produce oil when it’s nourished with jojoba.
  • Rose hip seed oil is incredibly light and fast-absorbing, and a little goes a long way. (It’s even known to help with bodily stretch marks.)
  • Coconut oil is great for more intensive moisture, and the lauric acid it contains is thought to have a great affinity for the hair and skin. That said, not all skin types tolerate it well. If your skin is particularly sensitive, I like jojoba and rose hip seed oil much better.
  • Tallow is well-tolerated by almost all skin types, and has become a fun, sustainable favorite of mine.

You can find all many skin care oils at Whole Foods, as well as online. (Update: since this post came out, there are hundreds of brands making dedicated oil blends!)

The first week using the OCM I saw a nice little breakout – a detox, perhaps – but I stuck with it. After a week my skin began to steadily improve, and after a few months my skin looked amazing – better than the results of years of dermatological intervention.

KEEP IN MIND, THOUGH, that a brief “detox” period should NOT be a frightening explosion of acne lesions or severe skin irritation. This is a HUGE, sad, frustrating misconception in the natural skincare world. A “detox” might look like a few easily-expressed whiteheads or some small pustules bringing grime to the surface, but anything worse is likely a reaction to the oils themselves.

People can be intolerant to ANYTHING, from strawberries to skincare oils. I once had my whole face break out in hives from an avocado mask.

Often, with nutritional and digestive approaches, skin sensitivities calm down. Don’t beat yourself up if this routine isn’t right for you, and ALWAYS REMEMBER TO SPOT-TEST.

If you’ve tried this method, or if you’re curious about it, let me know in the comments!

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Wow, I’m so tempted to try this, especially living in the Midwest (you know how that is) where my skin is so dry and cracked, even on my face at times.
    I’ve been seriously re-evaluating all the crap I put on my face to “help” it, which I think actually makes it worse.
    I recently got side-swept bangs and though I love them, the products I use to tame them have left my forehead a mess, even though I try and wash the product off a couple times a day with just a wet cloth. so I bought an exfoliant and a moisturizer with salycilic acid to help the breakouts and I started breaking out in OTHER places. I’ve always had good skin and now it seems like I’ve started a bad cycle.
    Do you think the oil regimen would help that?

    1. Try it! My skin would get so scaly and lizard-like in the winter living in the midwest. I even bought a humidifier for my bedroom (which was somewhat helpful too). This definitely might take some getting used to, but I have very few problems with excessive dryness anymore. My skin is much more balanced, which seems to keep even minor breakouts from becoming Dante’s Peak – which they always did before. I also had little skin bumps all over my cheeks and forehead, which took FOREVER to clear…but they cleared, and I’d pretty much given up on them until I started using the OCM. They’d been there since the 8th grade. I do have to say that I was on an oral antibiotic for months, as well as a benzoyl peroxide cream AND a retinoid for awhile and didn’t achieve the natural balance through those drugs that I’ve found via the OCM (although I do covet the supposed anti-aging properties of prescription retinoids! Are those Paleo???)
      I have sideswept bangs too! I try to pin them back half the time, but my hair is naturally straight and fine (read:limp) so I don’t put much product on it at all. It just makes it more limp. My bangs are most easily styled if I start STRAIGHT out of the shower with soaking wet bangs and blow dry in the exact direction I want them to stay. When I want to smooth my hair a bit, I’ll put a tiny dab of coconut oil on there. I’m also doing “No Poo” a few times each week to try and wean my hair off normal shampoo. I hate my hair’s texture during the transition to this regimen, but it has started getting a little better. (UPDATE: I now to No Poo exclusively! Transition complete!) I do really love the shampoo from the Gluten-Free Savonnerie but it’s expensive and you can’t really buy in bulk.

      1. Hi! I am wondering about carbs, even real food carbs like sweet potato and such being a contributor to acne? I am already paleo but thinking I am a little more sensitive than some folks. I just wanted to ask your opinion about that and also let you know about Living Libations. Nadine Artemis lives in Canada and she makes organic, totally pure skin care, dental care, oils, etc etc… is a little expensive but definitely worth trying and having on hand for extra special care. Her shampoo is great and does not strip the hair. She makes a “Maiden Fern” blushing balm for lips and cheeks and her Best Skin Ever is amazing. Her products changed my life! Now, on to the finishing touches with tailoring my diet. She has many you tube videos to learn about her products. I am loving the podcasts!!!! Thanks Cave Girl..

        1. Very cool! I will check that company out. I always love new suggestions. THANK YOU for listening to the podcast! It’s really fun to do, so it makes me happy that you enjoy it!
          As far as “healthy” carbs and acne…Sweet potatoes wouldn’t register as inflammatory at all, unless there are extreme blood sugar problems. A diet that’s too high in carbohydrate and too low in fat was a problem for me (even with “good carbs.”) That said, if something is allergenic for you it COULD cause problems. You could play with this as an elimination plan…If it were me, I’d probably try supplementing with zinc and pre-formed Vitamin A/D/K2 (as in a cod liver oil/butter oil blend from Vitamin A and Zinc are both “skin friendly,” and many folks are zinc-deficient.

      2. I have a question. I have combination skin that is very acne prone. I battled with acne most of my life, including Accutane and the like. Recently, I used traditional chemical laden face wash, spot creme, and tea tree oil on my face. Though not perfect, my skin looked fairly clear. Only my chin and jaw line broke out regularly, likely due to lots of face touching in those areas.
        Then I took the dive to the oil cleansing method. My skin did fine for a week, but by mid week two I was breaking out in little bumps all over my face. This was particularly noticeable for me on my forehead and cheeks near my nose. I researched this and some people said it was purging. Others who had sensitive acne prone skin types like myself said that they waited b/c everyone told them it was purging, and then they ended up with severe cystic acne even with tweaking the proportions of the oils and types of oils.
        My question is, do you think it is worth the risk of me continuing? Quite frankly I am terrified of my skin reverting back to that condition. It is a huge confidence killer for me. On the other hand, I use all natural produces on the rest of my body. I use Herbia soap on my skin and BS and ACV on my hair every four days. It feels silly to use harsh chemicals on my face. I don’t know… HELP!

        1. Hi Jamie! The Oil Cleansing Method doesn’t work for everyone. Don’t feel like you have to stick with something that your skin is telling you isn’t working. I don’t really believe in the “purging” thing when it comes to anything more than a few random zits. Bumps all over sounds like something isn’t quite right, and I don’t think you can OCM them away. There may be something internal that you’ll need to address before any topical approach will truly help. That said, I don’t think that cystic acne is a result of the OCM – cystic acne has internal factors, as you know – so I wonder if the folks who experienced that cystic acne after using the OCM were simply experiencing it as a result of giving up medications and trying to go all-natural when their internal/hormonal/gut-health environment was imbalanced?
          If you’re stepping down from a more chemicalized routine, at the very least I’d step down VERY carefully and slowly. Another point – some folks report having to be POSITIVE that the oils they use for OCM are of extremely high quality and not contaminated at all. For example, low-quality olive oil can provide a totally different cleanse than a pure EVOO.
          For what it’s worth, I also incorporate Bentonite clay masques, a few items from, and I use a Norwex cloth to gently wipe makeup and dirt from my face as well. I’m not married to the OCM, although I do use it and enjoy great results. I will update my body care posts soon so everyone can get a better idea of my current routine, which still includes the OCM along with a few other fun goodies.

  2. I am a moisturizer/sun block LOVER! I moisturize everyday and find my skin stays breakout free when I do. I definitely am going to try jojoba oil for my new moisturizer.
    I love the Alba products for hair. They are all natural and smell so yummy. I tend to have dry hair so I don’t use their conditioner (it didn’t have the moisture power of the chemical stuff).

  3. This is a perfectly timed post. I’ve struggled with my oily skin forever and honestly think all the crud I put on it to *help* doesn’t help at all. Recently discovered paleo and am hoping it helps some. But ditching the old methods and turning to these oils might also help.
    Thanks for the info. I think I’ll try this out sometime soon. 🙂

    1. You’re singin my song, Michelle! So glad this post resonated. Even working the OCM into your routine a few times each week might make a big difference; if that’s too time-consuming, simply switching to jojoba oil as a moisturizer reduced so much of my skin sensitivity! Let me know how it goes!

  4. Do you do this every day? I have been doing the OCM, but the website I pulled it from said only to do it every 3 days, and well, I may or may not look like a teenage boy. Awesome for Christmas family photos. Also, coconut oil makes an amazing make up remover.

    1. I do it daily, unless I’ve had too much wine! I think at the beginning it’s good to work it in a few days per week, but once you’ve got a handle on your skin and the right ratios of oils you can do it every day…what I tend to play with is the time spent. I may steam/massage four or five times in a row three days a week while only doing a quick massage/steam the other 4. Make sense? Clear as a mud masque?

  5. This is very interesting. I have oily skin. Well, maybe the very edges of my cheeks are normal but there’s no part of my face that could be considered dry and I wouldn’t even say combination, I’d just say oily. The idea of rubbing more oil onto my face is a little weird, but it seems worth a try. Almost no product has ever irritated my skin (when I was a teenager, I got all the way up to the liquid nitro version of Retin-A before my skin got irritated). Anyway, for my skin type what combo of oils would you recommend?

    1. My quick answer would be use a higher proportion of castor oil – closer to 40 or even 50%. Your skin may feel extra tight after that, and there are a few approaches from there: If your skin feels TOO tight, you may want to dial back the castor. If you can put a bit of jojoba on (my favorite moisturizer) after cleansing and feel ok, you may want to roll with that. The most important thing to remember is definitely STICK WITH IT! You may see a sudden break-out, or even some increased oil production in the short-term. I’d say if your skin isn’t more calm and balanced after a few weeks, that’s a good time to re-evaluate.
      My old favorite skin care line used to have a pre-made cleanser – Although (update) they’ve put some ucky “extra ingredients” in their line, I’ve noticed.

      1. Thanks! I love the idea of a pre-made cleanser. I’m lazy and didn’t feel like seeking out the oils and an appropriate container and mixing them myself. I think I’ll try this cocoa pink stuff first.

        1. I just received my CP oil cleanser in the mail, and it’s great – HOWEVER – it’s tiny! Just a lil tiny thing. Seems it WOULD be more cost-effective to make my own…

  6. I recently listened to your pod cast on the Food Lovers’ blog. I got really excited hearing about your skin care regiment. I have acne and chicken skin (Keratosis Pilaris) on my arms. This works wonders! I’ve already seen improvements and I’ve only been doing it for a week. Thank you so much for sharing!

    1. Hey Grace, I’ve been doing a little experiment to see how a Cod Liver Oil/Butter oil blend from Green Pastures helps my skin…it works wonders. Tastes bleh, but apparently KP is a sign of Vitamin A deficiency. Seems like a high-quality CLO is directly able to help KP. I will report more on this after a few weeks, but if you’re interested in giving this a try look at Green Pastures
      Important to get the high quality stuff, because it’s processed to maintain the vitamin D levels for an appropriate A to D ratio, which the cheaper brands don’t do. This has been more beneficial to me than fish oil. Possibly because CLO also contains EPA & DHA.

      1. Sounds nasty! No one ever said being beautiful was easy. : ) Do you take this instead of your fish oil? My fish oil contains EPA & DHA, but it’s not 5000mg per tsp. Keep me updated…I may have to switch.
        Never knew this was a Vitamin A deficiency. That’s great to know!

        1. I decided to back off on the fish oil a bit after reading Chris Kresser’s post:
          Husband & I do lots of pastured meats & ghee and have eliminated the industrial O-6 oils, so we backed off on the FO pills (it was so hard to take them, so we were looking for a reason to quit!) We like to think we maintain our ratio via the food we eat, but I will occasionally take some if I have some particularly Neo food or a corn-fed steak!

          1. Can I ask why you take FO pills when you eat Neo food or corn-fed steak? I’m new to all this and I think I understand that you are supplementing for what’s lacking in the Neo foods and corn-fed steak, but wouldn’t the Butter/cod liver oil take care of your needs?

          2. Hey Nichole! This is a super old post – I wouldn’t worry about that comment too much 🙂 At the time, I would probably have supplemented with a little FO just to balance out any excess omega 6 “just in case” but these days I probably wouldn’t be so concerned. I haven’t taken fish oil for a very long time, probably since I wrote that comment – in part due to having learned a LOT about the conventional Omega 3 FO industry and just not trusting the product whatsoever. I prefer to get my O3 (along with other nutrients like taurine and selenium) from sardines, which I eat several times each week. And yes, I think CLO does the job, even with its trace amounts of Omega 3. (We really don’t need that much of the Omega fats – just small amounts, with a balanced ratio) Also, I really don’t do much conventional beef at all any more. We have a freezer full of grass-fed, which I’m very grateful for!

  7. Hello,
    I was wondering if you had an update regarding your OCM use. Your article really piqued my interest. I did some further digging and found a number of forums where people also had positive reviews, but I couldn’t find anyone who had stuck to it for more than a few weeks.
    Are you still using OCM? If so, can you let us know if it’s still working the same/better/worse?
    -Helen S.

    1. Hi Helen! I’d actually been using the OCM consistently for at least a year when I wrote this post. Maybe two…time has gotten away from me 🙂 But I’d never written about it before. Some days, like the days I don’t wear makeup (which NEVER happened before I started the OCM – I always wore makeup), I just do a quick rub/steam then go to bed. Other days (heavy makeup or workout days) I’ll work through the routine several times. It is by far my favorite way to cleanse my face. Not saying I haven’t skipped it a few times here and there out of laziness, but I usually pay the price.
      When the seasons change, I will sometimes change the proportions of castor to carrier oil. I add more carrier oil if my skin feels too tight after cleansing. When my skin feels particularly dry, I’ll use coconut oil to moisturize. The rest of the time I’ll use jojoba.
      AndreAnna, who writes Life As A Plate ( and commented above, has been using this routine consistently for a long time as well, and she loves it!
      Does this help?

  8. I just read your blog post and I’m fascinated. I have two questions: First, my job has me working out/running/lifting/etc. at least every day, if not a few times a day (I’m a college coach). So far, I’ve just been using a regular face soap after workouts to get the sweat and dirt off, but I’m not too happy with that method. What do you recommend I do during the day for just quick cleaning? Second, what about suntan lotion? I want to protect my skin during the summer but often the suntan lotions create breakouts. Any ideas?
    Thanks so much!

    1. First, let me say you sound like a total badass 🙂 Second, I think you’d be OK with just a swipe of baking soda to exfoliate OR simply massaging some coconut oil into your skin and wiping with a warm towel (soak towel/washcloth in very warm water, wring out, cover face for a few moments to allow pores to open, then wipe oil off).
      Suntan lotion: I’m working on a post! Please check back in a few days! I’m not withholding information, I just want to be sure I’m 100% informed before I start making recommendations. It’s probably best just to cover up with clothing, but that’s never comfortable in the warmest climates. I’ve already burned this year…ugh.

      1. Thanks so much! I’ve been doing your cleaning regimen for a few days now and I love it already! Looking forward to your suntan lotion info. . .

  9. Day three into the OCM and I’ve been getting compliments about my complexion all over the place. Let me tell you- NEVER in my life has anyone ever complimented my skin. EVER. I was on heavy-duty Accutane as a late teenager, every damn antibiotic you can think of, and finally gave up and used 2.5% BP for the past 5+ years with “meh” results. The last 3 days have changed my life. Thanks for opening my eyes and my pores!!!

    1. This is WONDERFUL! I always felt the same about BP, and when I told my dermatologist, she put me on a BP/Antibiotic COMBO…only, I wasn’t aware it was an antibiotic! I slathered my face with it every day for years. Ugh.
      Keep in touch!

  10. Hey there! I just found this post & I’m super interested in giving it a go. I don’t really have skin care issues, especially when I’m eating clean, but I just hate forking over the cash for such ‘fancy’ skin care products! I see there was already a question abt sunscreen but it still seems unanswered. I live on an island so sunscreen is a daily issue for me. Not so much for my whole body, but certainly on my face. What’s a gal to do for sunscreen? PS, is it totally weird that I mainly want to try this skin care/hair regime so I can freak out my non paleo/primal friends???

    1. Nope, not weird at all! I got a text from my friend Hayley of Primal Palate ( and she said that her family was very concerned about her statement that she was going “No ‘Poo” because they thought she meant something – ahem – different and thought she’d REALLY gone crazy!

  11. Hi 🙂 I started the OCM + No Poo at the same time (about 3-4 weeks ago)… No Poo is going great, but curious when you typically start seeing results from OCM? Face seems like it’s going more berzerk than ever….curious how long this ‘detox’ period lasts? Or maybe I’m doing it wrong…? Thanks!!

    1. I’m glad to hear that No ‘Poo is going well! RE: The OCM…I have heard some different thoughts on this – for some, they just had a “feeling” that the OCM was right for them, so they suck with it for many weeks. For me, I felt like my skin’s oiliness was becoming very balanced almost right away so I felt confident sticking it out through a few breakouts. Other people realized it wasn’t right for them and went back to their old routines, but kept moisturizing with oils like coconut and jojoba. I do a quick massage of coconut oil over my skin and wipe with a warm cloth to be sure my makeup is totally off before starting the OCM, and then I’ve been ending with a thin layer of coconut oil lately as well. Are you having any gut feelings about what may (or may not) be going on?

  12. Thanks for your reply – I’ll need to definitely buckle down on the Paleo….very loosely paleo at the moment. Since my last post, though, the majority of the eruptions have settled down and flattened out…so that’s good news 🙂 I also added more coconut oil into the routine, which may be helping the situation. I can’t imagine a chemically laden wash or moisturizer working better than something natural, so I’m going to stick with it for a while. Also re: the no-poo … I am constantly amazed at how shiny my hair is without ANY product. My bf noticed within the first week that my hair felt better — the texture completely changed. Thanks for everything! xx

  13. Thank you so much for this post! I have been loving the OCM and think it’s really making a difference. I noticed that you said you stopped taking oral hormones as well. I’ve been considering doing this but have heard about a lot of side effects (including acne, mood swings, weight gain, etc.). I think I’m going to go off of them because I’m tired of it but was wondering if you could shed any light on what goes on after stopping long term birth control use (almost 5 years for me). Thanks for everything you do!

  14. I just tried this for the first time last night, and oh my wow! My skin is so soft this morning, the horrible bags under my eyes that have been greeting me every morning are barely there, along with these annoying red spots under my eyes. So happy that I no longer needs to waste hundreds of dollars on expensive skincare that does nothing. Thank you so much for putting this out there, my skin will forever be indebted to you. 😀

  15. Hi! I’m very interested in trying OCM. I am a long-time acne sufferer, but (kind of weird) I don’t have oily skin. I realize that nutrition is the biggest issue, but would you recommend the OCM to compliment paleo diet if I have “normal” skin? Thanks!!!

    1. Absolutely! You just may find that a different ratio/balance of oils works better for you. Often folks with oilier skin like a higher percentage of castor oil, but you may end up using less!
      The single most helpful thing for my skin problems was diet…anything to quell inflammation (meaning I don’t indulge in nuts or grain-fed meats often, to help keep my O3:O6 ratio in balance). I also take a Cod Liver Oil/Butter Oil blend from, which has helped. Second to all that is the OCM!
      Good luck, and if you try it, keep in touch!

      1. I am allergic to dairy, so I wouldn’t be able to take the butter oil, but I will also try to take Cod Liver Oil with my other fish oil. I’m pretty sure my issues are a lack of O3 and excess O6. Thanks for the advice!

      2. Hi! I have a question about your comment above. You say that you don’t indulge in grass fed meats often. How often would you say you eat meat (and nuts, for that matter)? What do you eat for protein if you don’t eat meat? I’m still having regular break-out issues even with using the OCM and being very strict about my diet. Maybe I’m eating too much meat…?
        Thanks for any help you can provide! 🙂

        1. I think I said I don’t indulge in GRAIN fed meats often! I eat grass-fed/pastured eggs and meat daily. I hardly ever eat nuts – maybe every few weeks or so – just because, at this point, I don’t have much of a taste for them.
          I don’t thing quality meats will influence acne. You may need a gut-healing protocol – this can be very helpful with acne and is really one of the first places to start. Allergies can be a telling sign of gut permeability. Let me know if I can help – find my nutritional therapy practice here:

      3. Oh my gosh, I read that wrong, sorry! No wonder I was confused! Thank you so much for clearing that up.
        As far as gut healing, I do need help… I’m seeing a nutritionist and I’m seeing improvements, but my skin is still HORRIBLE. I may just be impatient… Thanks for providing the link to your other blog post, I will definitely check it out.
        Thanks again!

      4. Hi Liz!
        So I’ve been using the OCM for a while now. Like I said previously, I don’t have oily skin, it’s pretty normal and sometimes a little more on the dry side. Both coconut oil and jojoba seem to be too heavy and my face is now it’s always shiny, oily feeling. I switched to the Grandma’s lye soap instead, thinking that may help, but still everytime I use jojoba oil, I end up greasy. Any suggestions?
        Here is my regimen:
        Grandma’s lye soap
        Apple cider vinegar (every other night)
        Jojoba oil
        Wet washcloth or teaspoon of baking soda to exfoliate

        1. Maybe you just need to do LESS! You might like the stuff from…their facewash is super-gentle and they have a toner that’s great too. The formulations are really gentle, whereas sometimes these isolated oils just don’t work for everyone. If you wear makeup, you could order a norwex cloth to wipe it off at night before using the cleanser.
          No one regimen works for everyone! Play around with it – the lye soap may be TOO cleansing, stripping oils and making your skin over-compensate. It may be the problem, rather than the jojoba.

  16. I have to say I am very intrigued by this. I had horrible acne as a teen and used Acutane to clear my skin up. I am now 31, and for the past year or so my skin has started to return to it’s more oily state, and I am not pleased. I have also begun breaking out more. Nothing major, but annoying none the less. I think I’m going to go buy these products tomorrow and try out this regime.
    PS- I LOVE your blog!

  17. Hi Liz. What about sunscreen? I live in New Zealand with little ozone and we’ve been taught to always wear sunscreen.

    1. It’s such a tough subject. My research indicates that most sunscreens (yep, even “Broad Spectrum” ones) can only protect against UVB rays and NOT UVA, which are the rays associated with malignant cancer. So sun seekers can get lulled into spending too much time in the sun because they’re blocking “burning” (UVB) rays, thinking they’re OK simply because they’re not burning, but they’re still being exposed to UVA rays – sometimes all day long! I personally ALWAYS try to cover up after I get moderate exposure, covering up before burning! Although that doesn’t always work in my favor…I’ve burned a few times this year. Ouch.

  18. I’ve recently made the switch from chemical-laden skin goo to a more natural alternative, rhassoul clay. It comes as a dry powder that you mix with water (and oil if you like) into a paste. So far great results using it as a face/body wash, my skin feels clean but without that ‘tight’ feeling modern cleansers leave me with.
    The place I buy it from also recommends using it as a hair wash, but I found with my overly long hair it created a big static uncontrollable mess.
    Have you tried this method?
    I’m intrigued by the oil method though, and might give it a go to see if the results are an improvement on the clay.

      1. Well I am now a convert to the oil method. My skin looks so healthy and nourished and I don’t even feel I need to wash it everyday unless I wear makeup. I’m still using the clay as a body wash and as a once-weekly face mask. Thanks for the excellent info!

  19. I use sugar mixed with vegetable glycerin for a scrub, usually every couple of days. Works great on the face and body – and you can use it on your lips. I tend to have very chapped lips, so this is a plus for me. On the off days, I usually use an olive oil, old-fashioned soap. To moisturize, I use a mix of grapeseed oil, apple cider vinegar, and water. My oily, blackhead prone skin glows and is so soft! I love it. I’ll try the OCM for the cleanser instead of the soap. Thanks for sharing.

  20. Thanks SO much for all the info!
    I have struggled with acne for several years now and have used every product under the sun! I’m currently using 2.5-5% glycolic acid AND 10% BPO.. (yikes, I know). I’ve been on this same skin regime for almost 6 years now and am scared to try something new.. even though my skin still breaks out! Yes, you can call me crazy…
    I’ve been paleo for about 3 years now and I love it! However, nutrition has not been enough to completely clear my skin. I am all about natural stuff, so I’d really love to give OCM and coconut oil a go.
    A couple of questions, if you have the time:
    #1. Do you recommend apple cider vinegar as a toner?
    #2. Is there any way you can write out just a brief outline of what your daily regime looks like? morning, afternoon, and night? I’m just curious as to when I do OCM and how often I use coconut oil. Do I sleep in anything? Do I have anything on during the day? (ok.. I know that was like 15 questions in one…)
    #3. Is the cod liver thingamajig a pill? If so, how much should I take?
    Girlfriend, thank you so much for your help. I REALLY appreciate it. Acne has done it’s fair share to me, physically and mentally, and I’m ready to punch it in the face.
    Sage Burgener

    1. Sage – I don’t have bad acne by any means. But, I do use organic apple cider vinegar as a toner. The few breakouts I get have stopped, and my blackheads are down. Don’t know if it’s the toner, sugar scrub, or moisturizer, but it’s working. I’ve been told that the vinegar toner balances the acid level of the skin. Good luck.

  21. I read through the thread of questions/answers but couldn’t find anything about what you use to mix the castor oil and grapeseed oil. Do you pre-mix it and keep it in a plastic bottle to apply each night? Do you apply it with a cotton ball or something else?
    Also, I can’t remember if it was mentioned already or not, but do you use a separate cleanser to remove your make up or will it come off when you apply the oil and do the warm steam/wipe/repeat a few times? Thanks..

    1. Hi Emily! To mix the oils, I will take the separate bottles when they’re full, open them, and simply pour a puddle of castor oil in one hand, then a smaller puddle of the other oil, then mush my hands together and apply to my face.
      Once the bottles have some extra room in them, I may add the other oil to the castor oil bottle to create a pre-made mix. I just shake and pour into my palm!
      Of course, when I use coconut oil instead of the oil blend (I do occasionally), I just take a hunk of coconut oil and massage into my skin.
      When I wear a lot of makeup, I take it off with a norwex cloth:
      But you can take it off with the oil cleansing as well. I’d just do one massage/wipe to get the makeup off, then proceed with the usual routine.

  22. This is really useful info. Thanks so much. My son has always had acne and was kept somewhat under control with prescription topical creams. He is now 18, and I would say in the last 8 mos. or so is face looks like it has just exploded in acne. I feel so bad for him and the topicals re not working anymore. The dermotologist put him on a low-dose antibiotic, however she says he may have to go on Acutane. I am so against this, but at the same time feel for my son and how he just wants it taken care of. I am going to give this a try and hope for the best! Thanks again for posting all this:)

  23. Hi Liz, I love your blog and your honest, humorous approach! Thank you for sharing all this info with us.
    I’m trying to get an answer on whether it’s best to skip washing the body with soap altogether or not. And if our skin does not need soap (just exfoliation will do the trick, perhaps?), does that include the “down there” female regions? Right now I basically exfoliate everything except the pits, where I use a homemade soap. Thoughts on this?

    1. Hi Leah! Thank you for taking the time to write me a comment 🙂 And I’m glad you enjoy the blog! I really don’t wash anything with soap anymore. Usually I just exfoliate, then use coconut oil. I usually swipe my pits with baking soda to cleanse, and SOMETIMES I’ll use some of Grandma’s Lye Soap on them as well. For the “lady bits” (I’m giggling…real mature!) I usually just go with water…and this is going to be TMI…but I feel I’m able to cleanse well with it because we have a detachable shower head 🙂 But I don’t see any reason that good lye soap couldn’t be used there now and then. Just not every day! Also…coconut oil is great in those…ahem…”regions.”

  24. Hi! I’ve been meaning to visit this part of your site for a long time – since the Balanced BItes podcast started! Anyway, I thought I had the perfect skin care regimen going. I found a super gentle cleanser (Humphreys), exfoliated with a wash cloth and baking soda as needed, and moisturized with coconut oil. My skin was glowing for 2 months. Nothing has changed in my diet (which is paleo + ferments + broth + aged cheeses), life, and bam!, I broke out with perioral (-optical) dermatitis around my eyes and mouth. I noticed my face became dry and flakey too. I’m in a GAPS diet forum, and I posted a picture and mentioned my skin care regimen. Three ladies said coconut oil did that to their skin. I’ve been using olive oil for a week and it’s improved a little bit, but I’m totally tempted to go back to my unhealthy regimen because my skin is in such bad shape. My skin is just so dry, which I’m normally oily and have acne/clogged pores (better since eating paleo). I’m going to start oil cleaning tonight, but I’m becoming afraid of the oils. Have you heard anything about my situation? Have any tips?

    1. Hi Marissa! I have to tell you that I honestly don’t have much advice for you. I HAVE had dermatitis before, and the only way I could take care of it was to visit the dermatologist, get some topical creams for it, use them to the minimum amount possible, and move on. Sometimes these things happen, and conventional treatment helps! Coconut oil has never caused that for me, although I have heard of “flare ups.” Perhaps you can start with a moisturizing balm like this one (one of my favorites):
      Good luck Marissa! And thank you for listening to the podcast!

    2. Marissa,
      I have had the exact same experience as you. I ended up giving in and having to go to the dermatologist and was given a steroid shot and a prescription for a topical and oral antibiotic to take for 6 weeks. I haven’t been using the topical antibiotic because I know some of the chemical ingredients in the cream are some that irritated my perioral dermatitis. I still have about 3 weeks left on the oral antibiotic. My skin is much better, but sometimes I’ll notice a random small spot under my eye just like how the the PD started in the beginning. I’ve been using coconut oil to take off my makeup but then wash my face with a black clay soap and then a moisturizer from osmia organics or just some dead sea salt dissolved in warm water and spread all over my face and then usually no moisturizer if I dont feel like I need it. I, too, am afraid to use oils like I used to. I used to always cleanse with a castor oil and grapeseed mixture and then moisturize with jojoba oil or sometimes some coconut oil. I’m so conflicted now with whether or not the oils were doing my skin any good. Also, I used the beauty balm from Green Pastures before I went to the dermatologist and each time I did I would wake up with the worst PD outbreaks. Not sure if it’s just because my skin was going through a PD flareup at the time of using it or what, but I’m also scared to put that beauty balm on my face anymore just because of how bad my skin got while using it. Have you been using the oil cleansing method again with success?

      1. Unfortunately the same things don’t work for everyone 🙁 So many people – including me – swear by oils, but others have different experiences! It’s a little like food. I know how frustrating PD can be. Even more frustrating that conventional medicine has no real answer for it! I do respect that not everyone wants to use oils, and I’m trying to find some strategies for unprocessed, junk-free cleansers and moisturizers/nourishing treatments that might work in those cases!

  25. I found this post last week aka the perfect time! I’ve been paleo for a little over two years and I just took the plunge and stopped my acne-regulating birth control…it’s been pretty rough for my face for the past few months.
    I’ve been able to clear most of it up by being really strict about sugar/dairy, but I’m hoping that starting to oil cleanse will help me the rest of the way.
    I can’t tell you how awesome this post is! You’ve given me some hope that I can clear this up naturally…thank you!

  26. I have really been wanting to try this method, and I’m going to start it this week. Your routine is exactly the one I want to do too, the castor/grapeseed/jojoba. I’m wondering though, do you mix a bunch up together like to last a while, or do you just mix it up fresh every night?

  27. Hi, Love all this wonderful information! I am new to eating paleo and am excited to try OCM. I am curious about the coconut oil, is it the sold type you cook with?

  28. Hi Liz,
    I’ve done the oil cleansing method for three nights now, and I still feel like my skin is drier than it should be. I definitely haven’t experienced the “flow of oil” Stephanie mentions on her site. I had cut out conventional cleansers awhile back, so maybe my skin has already been through that major adjustment period. I started out with one part castor oil to two parts EVOO and then upped the EVOO to three parts. I have to spread a little EVOO on my face after cleansing because it feels a bit tight. Should I continue upping the EVOO until my skin is no longer dry, or am I doing something wrong? (I chose EVOO because it’s cheap!) Also, you mention that you do this every evening, and the original site says not to do it too often to prevent the skin from drying out. Do I need to just experiment with how often I do it until I find the schedule that suits my skin? Thanks!

    1. Hi Kim!
      Quick thing – EVOO is so often “contaminated” with other oils – canola being one of them – so often the “cheap stuff” can have some wonky ingredients that aren’t skin-friendly! It’d probably be better to go with a grapeseed oil, sunflower seed oil or even jojoba oil. You just have to play with proportions and oils to see which works best for your skin. During the winter months, when my skin feels drier in general, I reduce the proportion of castor oil to carrier oil. You could also just do it a few times each week, and cleanse your skin by wiping with a Norwex cloth (find them on amazon) or gentle soap, like Grandma’s Lye Soap (found at hardware stores, like Ace Hardware).

  29. The sunflower oil seems to have done wonders after just one use! No more flaky skin! Hopefully it continues to work wonders. 🙂

  30. Hey Cave Girl, I just discovered your website and am officially fascinated! I’ve been going through a major obsession with finding healthy cosmetics and this might be just the thing for me! Question, with the oil facial treatment, I read that this is not an “every day” thing. Could you explain to me what an ideal week of treatment would be? Like on the “off” days, how would I cleanse, tone, moisturize? Really excited to get started on this!

    1. Hi Val! I need to write an update post on this stuff! I used to do the OCM daily, and I did just fine with it. Daily OCM with a blend of Castor (25%-ish) and Grapeseed (75%-ish – yes, I know, grapeseed is more processed, but the weight of it just worked best on my skin), then moisturize with coconut or jojoba (I LOVE how the jojoba works on my face). Then I backed off to try simply wiping my face with the Norwex cloths (find those on amazon) most of the week, moisturizing with jojoba oil, coconut oil or the FANTASTIC beauty balm from GreenPasture dot org. A few times a week I OCM. I’ve also used Gramma’s Lye Soap. I have also discovered an amazing, super luxurious brand called Primal Life Organics, and I’m in love with their cleansers, toner and moisturizer. PrimalLifeOrganics dot com. Sometimes I’ll also use a swipe of baking soda to exfoliate, sometimes I’ll tone with some ACV. Hope that helps!

  31. I was checking out this post to get some insight into what has happened to me recently, and I think I actually have some insight for Marissa with dermatitis. I have been using coconut oil to wash my face for about a month and loved it. Suddenly (like overnight), I got major acne on my chin and in my eyebrows. A week ago, I had my baby at the doctor for a well check, and I asked him about baby’s red rash in his fat rolls. He gave me “Butt Paste #3” six months ago for yeast in these fat cracks, while it worked right away, the rash would flair about once a month. Dr. said keep using cream when it flairs, some people just have more yeast than others. To get back to my face: on a hunch, I used butt paste #3 on it for 3 days and have a clear complexion now. I have a history of dandruff/seborrheic dermatitis that only cleared when I found a good gluten-free/sulfate-free shampoo. I used to have Vag. yeast cyclically the week before my period for years (in fact, I was put on lactobacillis acidophilus about ten years ago to help combat, but got yeast & bacterial vaginosis due to overgrowth of both yeast and lactobacillis. Dr. said she had never seen that before). These problems have largely been cleared up for the past few years since adopting a more traditional diet. I have had acne most of my adult life (20 years) and it has never responded to any treatments the way that it was supposed to, probably a d*mn fungus all along! I do not know if this is Candida or Malessezia, but I believe it was feeding on the coconut oil like it would on mineral oil. The coconut oil that I have been using topically is not extra virgin, just regular grocery store stuff. I didn’t want to waste the good stuff on my face. So my assumption is, the antimicrobial properties of coconut oil are lost in the refined versions. Liz, do you know if my assumption is correct? If so, this is a cautionary tale for using “cheap” coconut oil.

    1. Interesting! I have actually liked jojoba oil more than coconut oil – it just seems to settle in to my skin better. Some people swear by coconut oil, though! What is in Butt Paste #3?
      There is very little out there that answers your question about the antimicrobial properties of coconut oil. While I’ve seen the suggestion that refining damages the fat structure, I’ve also seen suggestions to the contrary. I wonder if something else made its way into your coconut oil? I know that happens with olive oil, and folks using “cheap” EVOO see resolution after trying the good stuff.
      Part of the reason I went “No Poo” is because my gluten-free shampoo was more expensive and used so much packaging. It’s shocking how much wheat makes its way into shampoos! Thank you for sharing your experience!

    2. The coconut oil I was using was organic and unrefined, so I don’t think it was crappy oil. I’ve switched to jojoba and my skin cleared up super fast. The yeast factor makes a whole lot of sense to me, since I think I struggle with overgrowths. I have a long history of acne and arm bumps – I know yeast is super hard to manage and right-away. Thinking as an esthetician, I know the coconut oil molecule doesn’t penetrate into the skin – it serves more as a “physical” moisturizer by trapping the skin’s natural oil underneath. Jojoba oil has a similar chemical makeup to skin’s natural oil, and it actually penetrates into the pore. So, I was thinking that coconut oil was clogging my pores and trapping yeast on my skin causing a breakout. My other idea: I have a root canal right under the eye that had the breakout, and I’m wondering if the coconut oil stimulated a flair-up -because of its antimicrobial properties or some other mystery reason- of a possible bacterial infection in the bone (WAPF says 90% of root canals produce low-grade infections – such a deal breaker for those working their ass off to get healthy). Sounds like left-field… but that’s all I have on that.

    3. Acne Update:
      I’m sorry I blamed my coconut oil, though it may have contributed. Guess what else I got 2 months ago? A yogurt maker. I’ve been off of dairy for several years because I was nursing a baby that got asthma & eczema when I used it. So I’ve been probiotic gungho and started eating yogurt daily. Nothing will clear this acne up besides a topical antifungal, but now I am highly suspicious of my yogurt! Been without for a week and I’m still in Zit Hell. If it was the dairy I’ll let you know.

      1. Thank you! I also want to say thank you for taking the time to write about your experiences and answer questions for us. You are a huge help and a great inspiration to those of us looking to live “crap-free” lives!

  32. I accidentally bought a bottle of almond oil when I mean to buy avocado oil. I think it was in the wrong spot and with 3 kids pulling me in every way, I didn’t notice. Any-hoo…I now have a while bottle and was wondering if use that as my secondary oil? I have grapseed that I stopped using but its a chain store brand and not sure if good quality. It doesn’t say Cold Pressed. The almond oil says it is good for skincare but not sure what kinds.

    1. You can probably use it! I have found, however, that certain oils work for me as carrier oils (grapeseed, sunflower seed) and others simply do not (jojoba, olive, almond). Strangely, jojoba and almond both work for me as moisturizers – just not cleansing/carrier oils! So I’d say just make sure, if you’re not happy with your results using the almond oil, not to judge the entire method by that one experience – because another oil may work perfectly for you! You may dislike the almond oil in your cleansing routine but love it as a moisturizer. (You could use it on the kiddos too!) Keep in touch 🙂

  33. Hi Liz,
    I just discovered your website and I totally love it! I have oily and acne prone skin my entire life..I started using EVOO on my face (for cleansing and moisturizing) after reading many positive reviews on Makealley. I must say there has been not really apparent improvement in my face, although maybe there’s some reduction in face oiliness and redness. Do you think EVOO is suitable for OCM? Or shall I go ahead with castor oil instead? Thanks! 🙂

    1. EVOO is good for some, but doesn’t work for others! It didn’t work for me, so I use Castor/grapeseed or sunflower seed oil (yes, I know they’re more highly processed, but they work and I’m not eating them, so oh well!) and I moisturize with either jojoba oil, OR the moisturizers from or the balm from
      The Castor oil is important to the OCM because it helps draw out impurities, and improve circulation! Castor oil is unique and fascinating! Google it – you’ll be amazed!

  34. Hi Liz,
    I don’t have acne, but have been enjoying the oil cleanse. Coconut oil has been amazing on my skin! However, I do have a lovely, 14 year old girl who does have acne, and a lot of it. She has been sugar, gluten, and dairy free since December (good girl!) and eats well. I think it has helped her a little bit, but…she is still struggling. She would like to try your oil cleanse method but is worried she will flare up and look worse and is, hence, reluctant to try. She has read your
    postings and is intrigued, but shy. Any advice for my little gal?
    Amy the mom

    1. Hi Amy! First of all, let her know that she’s doing the right thing by keeping her diet clean and healthy! Not many gals her age have the commitment to keep that up. She deserves MAJOR props! Sometimes it takes awhile to get things straight hormonally, but eating the way she does is definitely going to lay the foundation. As far as oil cleansing, she could just add it to her routine a few times each week and see how she likes it! Even if you don’t do it every day, it can still be a great tool for clearing blackheads, and breakouts probably wouldn’t be so bad. A bit more advice:
      Try high-quality Manuka honey as an anti-inflammatory! I’ve used it as a night mask 🙂 I also like Aztec bentonite clay (you can find it at Vitamin Shoppe).
      Moisturize with Jojoba oil! It’s the best for balancing skin, and won’t cause breakouts.
      You could even supplement with a bit of Betaine HCl to ensure that, through the stomach-acid-suppressing stress of youth, she’s properly breaking down her food and absorbing skin-enhancing minerals.
      The Cod Liver Oil/Butter Oil Blend from MAJOR skin-loving nutrients. Getting a bit of controlled sun exposure is good too.
      Makeup from 100% Pure has been great to my skin. Despite a few initial breakouts, I’ve found it to be really amazing and I’m so glad I stuck with it.
      Hope that helps!

      1. Liz,
        Thanks for the quick and detailed reply!! She and her dad are going away for the day, so I think I will pick some of these things up for her today. She does deserve props–she brings in one of my “mom” lunches to middle school every day and eats it amongst the cheetos munchers…and not a complaint! She has been doing this since December…I just wish I could take it away for her. It is so hard seeing her look at her many clear-faced friends.
        BTW, love your Balanced Bites podcast. I faithfully listen to them all. Good to have some girls out there in paleo podcast land.

  35. This is such a great idea! I just did OCM last night with some organic sesame oil (had it in the fridge), and finished with coconut oil. My skin feels amazing! I haven’t used face wash in years (just lightly rubbed with a towel after a shower) because I hated the idea of slathering garbage on my face every day, but I’ve been lucky in that my skin has always been somewhat cooperative as long as my diet was healthy. I love this!! I will gladly do this regularly, and I was so happy to read the benefits of using sesame oil on the skin!

  36. What is no ‘poo i was reading above? and what is a good gut-cleansing/detox to do before beginning the paleo/primal way of eating?

  37. Hi Liz,
    Thanks for the post. I started the OCM and have really been loving it…which is saying a lot because I feel like I’ve been battling my skin for several years now.
    Question though, I end up needing a little extra moisture in the morning and so have been using a little jojoba after water/baking soda. However this has been giving wheels to my makeup and I end up with mayhem on my face by the end of the day. Any ideas?
    Also, do you know what oils would be slightly more moisturizing than jojoba? I do like it but feel like I could use just a little more.

    1. Hi Caitlin! Right now I’m loving Kasandrinos olive oil, as well as anything from Primal Life Organics (Trina, the owner, is contributing some fantastic advice to my upcoming guide) for extra winter-time nourishment. The balm from Green Pastures is great too. I tend to slather up with the oils in the AM, leaving the layer on for at least 15 minutes (often longer) and when it comes time to put makeup on I just dab all the excess off. Usually a few pieces of cheap (non-quilted) toilet paper will lift the excess off without having to really wipe.
      Here’s the link to Kasandrinos – I’m an affiliate 🙂
      I never used olive oil to moisturize before Kasandrinos because it never agreed with my skin. I now think that’s because all the “olive oils” I tried were actually illegitimate blends of other oils passed off as olive oil (apparently that’s an epidemic). No such problems with Kasandrinos – it’s straight from Greece, and I know the owner! It’s pretty great stuff.

  38. I’ve been scouring through your facial and body care and i just need to say thanks! it sounds like my skin is very similar to yours…I’m 21 and I have constantly had acne since I was 11 years old 🙁 It sucks so much! I have the bumps you described in another comment, and possibly the most sensitive skin ever. I am hoping that my switch to paleo and non processed foods and applying some of the methods you describe will help me! I already use gentle vegan cleanser with oils in it but i will try just plain oil. I’m headed to the store in half an hour! so thanks for your wisdom 🙂 Let’s hope this works!

  39. Liz,
    I listen to the podcast all the time and tonight I bought some Brewer’s Yeast thanks to you! Anyways… i’ve been doing the oil cleansing method and I love it. My question is can i pour the mixture of oil into a small bowl and keep out on my counter for a couple of days until ready to refill? Just wondering if the oils will go bad being exposed to air? Should I keep them in a jar with a lid? How do you do this?

    1. Hi Mary! Thank you for listening! I will often combine the 2 oils in my palm right before I cleanse, just because I have gotten to the point where I can tell how much of each my skin “needs” that day. Right now, though, I’m traveling, so I combined my 2 oils in one bottle with a screw top. I would recommend that over an open vessel! Hope that helps!

      1. Hi Liz,
        Thank you very much for your blog. How did you like the CocoaPink Oil Cleanser? Would love to hear your review of it.

        1. Hi Lisa – thanks for reading! Unfortunately, I was not a fan. I am less a fan of CP in general than I once was, as I’ve found a great routine is far more simple and pure than many of their products. However, their scents are spectacular!

  40. Hey Liz–have you ever tried pureeing your extra kombucha scobies (scobys? scobies? I don’t know!) and making a mask from them? I tried that for the first time today, realizing I had tons of scobies in jars in my cupboard and no idea what to do with them. There are a bunch of recipes on the web, but I went with a few scobies, a tiny bit of kombucha, and a drizzle of jojoba oil, blended REALLY well. I kept it on my face until it got dry, which I think was 5-10 minutes.

      1. It’s really hard to get it to stay on my face, because it’s not adhesive at all, but it’s do-able if it’s blended super well. Next time, I might try adding no kombucha. I’ll let you know if it changes my life.

  41. [Marked as spam by Antispam Bee | Spam reason: Server IP]
    Putting raw honey on my face has completely cleared up acne and literally makes my skin glow. (Yes, I rinse it off!). I have pretty good skin but nightshade vegetables make me break out in cyst like pimples and although I avoid them I do occasionally cheat. If so, the honey keeps the breakouts at bay. I also make a mask using raw honey, powdered clay, found at Whole Foods, some yogurt, lemon and whatever oils I’m feeling that day. I make all of my own skin care and will never go back to store products again. Oh, I also face and body brush daily with great results.

    1. Honey and clay are two of my favorite skin care items! Manuka honey in particular, and I can’t get enough clay for exfoliating and masks. I don’t do much homemade, though – good on you for being a skin care mixologist!

  42. [Marked as spam by Antispam Bee | Spam reason: Server IP]
    Hello! I’m just discovering your blog and I LOVE you natural beauty/body care posts. Thanks for all of the information!
    I used the OC method last year for a while when I was struggling with some breakouts (and a poor diet), and liked it but got lazy and needed something that was easier to travel with on my honeymoon. Now I’m considering going back to it for health reasons, plus I’m in the middle of my first Whole30 and I’d really like to see some stellar results in my skin while my diet is so clean.
    Question: Do you wear makeup at all? OC was always really great at removing any makeup that I wore…I don’t wear much now, but I’m curious about what products you use, natural or no. Thanks for the information and keep up the great work!

  43. Hello. I’m so glad I found your site. I’ve been doing OCM for a week and am breaking out quite a bit on my chin/beside my mouth. More than usual. Do you know how I can tell if it’s purging or a bad reaction? I’m using one third castor and two thirds jojoba, but otherwise doing your same method every night. Just rinsing with water in the morning and applying jojoba if my skin feels dry. Thanks!

    1. It could be just a little “Detox” purge – if anything else in your diet/regimen has changed it may be more likely to be that than the oils. However, you could also play with which oils you use to see if that helps: moisturizing with jojoba but OCM with castor/sweet almond or hazelnut 🙂

      1. Thanks for your reply! The pimples are still there but seem to be getting smaller. I bought some grape seed oil today and will try it. I also use manuka honey as kind of a spot treatment. There is just so much to read and try, it can be overwhelming!

          1. Liz, have you decided in Castor oil can be replaced by hazelnut oil? I’m about to start trying to Oil Cleansing Method!

          2. Ok, I’ll be getting the hazelnut oil over the weekend and then giving the whole thing a shot next week! Wish me luck!

    2. Hey Nanco–same thing happened to me: the worst cystic acne I’ve ever had, on my chin. I stayed with OCM for months, and the breakouts improved when I stopped using OCM. I read that castor oil is not the best choice for everyone, and different oils are going to work better for different people. I’m wondering whether the oils might be problematic when paired with hormone imbalance, gut issues or other problems. Perhaps my skin couldn’t fully clear out the castor oil? Right now I’m only using honey as a mask/cleanser. I’m thinking of trying out some coconut oil or jojoba oil again once my skin has completely recovered. I’m excited for the skin care guide!

  44. I forgot to ask: if it is purging and I stop OCM, isn’t it good at least that my skin got rid of some crud? What’s the worst that could happen… I’m looking at stopping as a win-win situation. Any thoughts? (Except I just bought grapeseed oil…)

  45. I forgot to ask: if it is purging and I stop OCM, isn’t it good at least that my skin got rid of some crud? What’s the worst that could happen… I’m looking at stopping as a win-win situation. Any thoughts? (Except I just bought grapeseed oil…)

  46. [Marked as spam by Antispam Bee | Spam reason: Server IP]
    Hi Liz!
    I was wondering about tea tree oil as skin care. Is it worth the investment? When and how would you use it? I’m sure you’ve posted about it before, but I can’t find it!!
    Thank you!

  47. Hi Liz! I need your help. I have been oil cleansing for about 2-3 weeks now. I started because i wanted to get rid of chemicals in my personal care routine. I’ve also had issues with cystic acne, which I know is from food. Anyway, although my skin feels moisturized, I have developed small, hard bumps that don’t come to a head all over my face like my pores are severely clogged. It’s been almost 3 weeks and they’re not getting better. Could this still be the detox, or is it possible that I’m not getting all of the crud off of my face after cleansing? Or should I switch up my oils??
    My routine is:
    Cleanse with 75% sweet almond oil & 25% castor oil (my skin tends to be dry)
    Steam with Norwex cloth & massage face again
    Steam once more and wipe off oil with Norwex cloth
    Witch hazel toner
    Moisturize with jojoba oil
    Thank you for any help you can provide!

    1. Hey Ashley! Did you change anything else (ditch medications, etc?) when you changed how you cleansed? Could be too much all at once. There is an ok product you might like at Dr. Ron’s, although I don’t conventionally recommend it because there are a few ingredients I don’t think are necessary (although they can’t hurt you either).

      1. Hi Liz!
        No, I was never on medication. I was using an organic line of skin care products and was experiencing dry skin and still having issues with cysts, so I decided to try out the OCM to help with moisture and hoped it would help the cysts as well. I actually just ordered the Banished line of products from Primal Life Organics. I’m hoping these will help me out!
        Thanks for the recommendation on the product. If Banished doesn’t work for me, I may give it a shot.

  48. [Marked as spam by Antispam Bee | Spam reason: Server IP]
    Hi Liz! I’m so, so glad I found this! I’ve been oil cleansing for a week now (my “before” pics were similar to yours on your other page – all on my jawline, yuck!) and I’ve been seeing AMAZING results.
    I have a question though – my skin tends to be pretty oily but is still flaky. I tried baking soda the other day but it still seems to be pretty flaky (back to that midwest thing…) Will this fix itself in time? Any other solutions? Thanks 🙂

    1. I think this type of problem goes all the way to the cellular level…your body may be producing oil that’s coming to the surface through the follicles, but it’s just sitting on top of skin that’s not nourished as well as it could be from the inside, at the cellular level!
      I think hydration is really crucial – bone broth is excellent because it hydrates WITH minerals. To simplify, hydration is how you get water to your skin cells (some people think you can put water on the OUTSIDE to hydrate your skin, but that’s not really how it works!) That said, to avoid LOSING too much water through your skin in dry conditions, I would invest in a humidifier.
      My key tips would be to evaluate the quality of your dietary fats, and whether your digestion is up to par (delivering the healthy fats where they need to go – to your cells – which is what will help eliminate dry skin that’s not caused by excessive water loss). The Skintervention Guide has all the digestive info you’d need!

  49. I have been using the OCM for a couple months now, and I have to say, I LOVE IT. I have – err, had – quite oily skin. My forehead was always embarrassingly shiney. I had a lot of breakouts and just felt really ugly. On top of that, parts of my face would be soooooo dry, that I’d have to layer on moisturizer just to feel like my face wasn’t going to crack off.
    My first attempt at the OCM didn’t go well but once I switched to jojoba oil instead of grapeseed, I noticed a huge difference. In fact, within a few days of switching to a new oil, I could tell it was the right combination for me.
    I use this method nightly, and I do notice that if I skip more than a day or two I will start to get breakouts. Although, thankfully now they are more under the skin (I can feel them, but not see them) and they clear up in a couple of days. I also use baking soda 1x per week or week and a half to exfoliate.
    Now, my forehead is RARELY shiney. Once you get a routine, it takes no more time than any other facial cleanser. I’m hooked. I love it.

    1. I love hearing from people who have taken the time to experiment with different oils! That’s SO the key…it makes me sad when folks try just one, like coconut oil, and find it doesn’t work for them and get frustrated and give up.
      Some days I think…uugh, I don’t want to oil cleanse – don’t I have some soap somewhere? Then I remember exactly what you said – it really takes no more time than any other routine! Thanks for stopping by, Sara 🙂

    2. I’m back! I wanted to post a follow up to my post since I’ve continued on with OCM and have been doing it continuously for about 6 months now, and could have some tips for the newbie OCM peeps. I have found a combo of castor oil and jojoba oil that works best. Only, I use a very small amount of jojoba, if any, for cleansing. I tried different amounts and finally found what works really well for my skin.
      I think it’s very important to note that what works for me maybe won’t work for anyone else, and it’s key to stick with OCM. You will be able to tell its not working- something will be off. Try a different ratio of oil, or try a different one altogether. But don’t give up. It can be trial and error, but worth it in the end.
      I’ve gotten compliments on my skin now! What! That has never happened. Ever. The blackheads on my nose are almost completely gone, and while I still do have minimal breaks outs- mostly around my chin or cheeks where I press a phone to my face. But they are smaller now and clear up so much faster now that it’s not anything I stress about. I just feel like my skin is so soft, sometimes I am shocked it feels so soft.
      I also purchased one of those face washing brushes, the really super soft kind. I use that to massage the oil in and find it to be really relaxing. It’s really gentle and doesn’t irritate my skin at all. If I feel dry, I use a couple drops of jojoba. I still use the baking soda to exfoliate when I feel lizardly, haha!
      Good luck to anyone out there feeling a little frustrated. I think we have all been there at some point, but once you find the right combo and start seeing the benefits you will be so happy!

      1. Can you give more info on the cleansing brushes? I’ve not heard of these before and would like to check them out.

      2. Thank you so much for taking the time to comment. What you’ve said is SO KEY! Every single person out there needs to be patient and willing to experiment a bit with different oils and oil combinations. While oil is great, I would argue, for almost ANYBODY, we’ll each land on a different optimal combo and we should be EXCITED about the process of “learning” what’s best for our skin! The key is realizing that WE are in control of this experience. We’ll know when something is off, and we’ll know (as you do!) when something is RIGHT. When folks think that the exact combo that works for me MUST work for them or they’re “doing it wrong,” I just want to give them a big hug and say “you and your skin are SPECIAL! Find what it loves the most…it’s OK if it’s not exactly what I use.” Nerdy but true. The best part about this experience is owning it and becoming LESS confused about what to do, because you let yourself get to know YOUR SKIN!
        LOVE hearing from you!

      3. Mandi- I’ve seen some from Olay -I have the Fresh Effects one (its blue) that I use occassionally. I just make sure that it’s cleaned really well afterward. I don’t use it everytime, but just days where I want to feel a little more pampered. I have had no issue using it, though others may not like it.

  50. Hi again, Liz. I have a few questions about OCM that I’m hoping you can answer.
    I started doing it a month ago and I’m not sure I’m doing it right. I generally believe that less irritation = less acne, so the hot water and the washcloth parts freak me out. I also don’t know how to find the perfect oil blend. I’m using castor and grapeseed right now.
    When you rub it in, does it actually almost get sticky? I rubbed it in longer last night and I think maybe it’s the first time I did it properly. But, today my face is irritated and dry… Maybe a new “purge” breakout?
    I got my GreenPastures CLO/butter blend (and accidentally ordered their new Calm Balm instead of the beauty balm..) I hope it helps!
    Thank you so much,

    1. I say in the Skintervention Guide that I do believe the “Traditional” OCM works better with some modifications. For one, if a washcloth feels too hot for your hands, it’s too hot for your face! A bit of warmth is all you need, you don’t need to “steam.” As far as the washcloth, soft and lightly wiping is the way to go. This should all feel luxurious and gentle, not stressful and intense 🙂
      The castor oil is thick, and using too much can be drying. You could reduce the amount of castor used, and you really don’t need to rub it in for too long. You WILL get a good clean, I promise. All soap does is to strip natural oils – you’ll get everything cleansed that needs to be cleansed with a gentle oil cleanse. Make sure that no matter what oils you choose, to choose organic. You could also try without castor, just to see if your skin likes the more gentle routine (castor is very deep-cleansing). You could also try swapping the castor for hazelnut. It’s a matter of finding the right oils, and enjoying the process!

  51. Thanks again, Liz. I’m giving my skin some time to get over this super dry period. I guess I just overdid it the other night (really rubbed it in, and maybe used too much castor oil). I will use cooler water and a lighter touch. Thanks for reminding me that this should be gentle and relaxing.

  52. I have to let you know that I am so happy with the Oil Cleansing Method. I’ve probably been doing it about a month, so not a major amount of time and I’ve seen a huge improvement. I am currently getting the laser hair removal on my face (yes, I know totally not paleo but I am one of those lucky people) and the woman that is doing it can’t believe how my skin looks. For months, she would recommend a chemical peel for the massive amount of black heads I had and the chemical peel sounded like a very serious last resort (at least to me). I went in recently after a few weeks of the OCM and she was so impressed with the improvement that she wanted the link to your website. Which means that she will probably expose that many more people to natural beauty care. And I don’t know about you but that makes me extremely happy.
    And I just have to add that I am two weeks into the “No Poo” method and it actually hasn’t been too bad. I haven’t used shampoo in over a week and although, I think it feels a little greasy, it doesn’t really look greasy. And with a little tea tree oil thrown in after I blow dry, the vinegar smell is not bad.

    1. Thank you so much Kayla! Thank you for taking the time to stop by and say this, and for passing along the information too! If you want to put your clinician in touch with me, please feel free! info (at) would be the perfect email.
      I’m so, so happy the OCM is working for you, and that No Poo is (maybe) going well. If the greasiness persists, try rinsing the vinegar rinse out more quickly (I rinse mine out right after I pour it over my head! No delay). Keep in touch!

  53. Hey Liz, hope this finds you in good health. I just listened to you on the Healthy Life Summit. Great stuff. Once adopting a paleo diet and lifestyle, it get’s you wondering about other areas in your life including… body care. so your talk was one of the first i wanted to listen to.
    So… firstly i just wanted to thank you for taking the time to get all this info out there. The book looks great, i plan to buy it for my lady (and secretly I) in the near future.
    I read through the first 100 or so comments/replies, sorry if this is repetitive, you must have to answer a million redundant questions… just a quick clarification.
    1- OCM can be done everyday – but results can also be seen from weekly usages.
    2- if taking on a weekly OCM protocol, days inbtn cleansing can be done using coconut oil
    3- simple ‘washing’ on non OCM nights can be done using baking soda and water – gently wiped.
    4- makeup can be removed using OCM or coconut oil
    5- coconut oil or jojoba for moisturizing
    that all sound okay?
    general question regarding male skincare:
    1- any recco’s for shaving cream replacement? (i suppose same would apply for fems)
    2- how do you apply the bakingsoda to armpit – throw it? 🙂
    thanks for all you do.

    1. Hi Neil! Thank you SO much for your awesome feedback and kind words!
      Here are my answers:
      1-Yes, I believe so, but it’s highly individual! I OCM in some variation almost every day. You can also play with proportions and “intensity.” You might also be interested in the interview I just did with Sean of Underground Wellness –
      I talk about the modifications I make to OCM. In the guide, I give instructions for “basic OCM” and “full OCM.” You can ALWAYS massage oil into your skin and wipe with a warm cloth – that can serve as your daily cleanse! I just tend to do the castor oil blend a few times each week, and omit the castor the other times. Again, it’s all about how your skin responds.
      2- Refer to #1 (answer – yes!)
      3- Yes, but be sure to use an apple cider vinegar toner to return your face to its appropriate pH
      4- YES! Even waterproof.
      5- Yes!
      1- try a blend of coconut milk and castile soap OR google “homemade shaving cream” and try a few out. Different things work for different people, but generally a blend of oil, castile, and possibly a bonding agent like arrowroot works.
      2 – apply coconut oil, put BS on fingertips and dab ONLY TO THE TRUE PIT! If you apply to the parts that rub (outer armpit) it won’t be comfortable.

      1. Hey Liz, thanks for your reply. Must be a full time job responding to all the comments. I guess that’s why you put out the skintervention guide – as a point to resource.
        Anyway – I’ve been doing OCM for a bit , using the method described here and also on the linked ocm website. Also i’ve been using bakingsoda/ACV in shower which has been a nice change. However it feels awkward, figuring out the best order/how to apply/ how long to keep in/ etc. Without sounding like a perve, i think an extremely valuable resource would be a video demo of how you do it. Even simple things like the containers you use to mix and the bathroom setup would be valuable. Anyhow, that’s the one thing that’d holding me back from feeling comfortable with it all, the fact that i don’t know “if im doing it right.” Just a thought. video tutorials. think about it! 🙂

        1. Videos are in the works – hopefully by the fall. They’ll be part of the totally tricked-out Skintervention Guide complete ENVIRONMENT that is to come! Very exciting! 🙂
          As far as grainy awkward youtube videos…not really my thing 😉 Gonna get it done pro so it looks respectable and is fun to watch!
          FYI – I keep mason jars and a spoon in the shower to scoop/mix. I pour the BS over, massage scalp gently, rinse; and then follow with the ACV mix which I rinse out immediately after pouring on.

  54. Hello! I’ve been cleansing my face in the evening for the last several years with just castor oil. I had run out of jojoba oil (which I was using previously) and decided to give it a try on a whim. So glad to hear someone else uses it, too. I don’t put any additional oil on my face after that and it seems to work fine. Mornings require a simple splash of water and my face is ready to go!
    Do you have any recommendations for those wrinkles that start to appear around our eyes as we age? So far I’ve just used the castor oil and some all organic eye creams. I refuse to give in and buy any chemical laden eye creams. If it means I just have to deal with what comes with aging, then I will. Are you familiar with argan oil? If so, what are your thoughts?

    1. Hi Tracey! Argan oil is great and very nourishing, but I wouldn’t put it above a few other essential oils for this purpose: The best oils I can recommend is Carrot Seed (not cheap), Frankincense, and even fennel oil! Add a few drops of one (or all) to a base of jojoba and massage in. If you want to spend a little more, the Infiniti line from Primal Life Organice ( is FANTASTIC!
      If you wanted to push things a LITTLE farther with regards to “natural” non-toxic skin care, topical vitamin C serums have a ton of promise as far as supporting collagen production…but I haven’t found one yet that comes without all the crappy “Extras” that I don’t want on my skin! You can’t just apply C topically – it has to be in a well-absorbed form and preserved at the proper pH. I know people (including me) want a source for anti-aging skincare with that extra “laboratory oomph” that is still derived from nature, safe and helpful, and sourced responsibly. (I’m thinking concentrated nutrients, like vitamin C and some of the alpha-hydroxy acids like those found in apple cider vinegar for safe at-home “peels”). I’m looking for that perfect line, and considering designing one myself should one not surface!

  55. Hi Liz,
    I’ve been using the OCM for several months now. I’m currently using a 50/50 blend of castor oil and olive oil (it’s what I had). I used to use a few drops of the same mix as a moisturizer (I have hard – I mean so hard you can chew it – water, very drying on the skin!). It’s worked fairly well. Then I found this post and tried jojoba oil as a moisturizer. OMG – miracle!! For the first time in my life, I don’t have an oily shine to my face. The OCM decreased it, but adding this to the mix just perfects it. Thank you!!
    I can’t wait for finances to settle a bit – I’m so buying your guide as soon as I can. I’m getting married in October, and I need all the help I can get. I can’t wait to read it. But tell me – are you going to release it for the Nook, by chance? I’d love to have it there instead of the computer.
    Thanks for all you do!!

    1. Haha, YIKES! That’s some serious imagery! Thanks for the giggle 🙂
      Isn’t jojoba AMAZING? You appear to be a gal after my own heart. Once you grab the guide, please keep in touch with me on it!
      Honestly, Nook/Kindle isn’t in the future of the guide. It kind of puts a layer of separation between me and the buyer that keeps me from getting buyers updates, or giving them access to ongoing recommendations and new ideas…it also makes it more difficult to communicate with people directly! I know it’s more expensive to the buyer this way, and it’s definitely more time-intensive for me (wink) but I think it’s worth it long-term for everyone. There are some awesome updates, including video how-tos, coming in the fall that everyone will get!
      Hope that makes sense 🙂 You CAN put the PDFs on your e-reader (iPad, Kindle, although I don’t know much about Nook),

      1. I understand about the e-readers – figured it doesn’t hurt to ask. I can put PDFs on my NOOK, it just sometimes looks nicer when its meant for the NOOK. But I will definitely make it work!! I can’t wait to read it!!

  56. [Marked as spam by Antispam Bee | Spam reason: Server IP]
    Hi Liz,
    Do you think Bio-Oil could be used in place of the jojoba? Obviously not as natural but the oils it uses seem to be pretty good ( Only reason I ask is that I have some left over and am wondering could I use it with the OCM rather than bin it.
    Thanks for all your great tips!

    1. I wouldn’t – one of the ingredients is mineral oil – a petroleum based product. I’m sure Liz has more specific info, but I know petroleum products are not something I want on or in my body. Just my humble opinion. 🙂

  57. I’ve always had combination skin, large pores and crepey texture on my cheeks (teenage acne but more recently occasional localised breakouts). I noticed an affect of rinsing my hair with apple cider vinegar was that my skin texture improved, so I started using that to cleanse. I found that I didnt even need to moisturize with it. However now that the weather is getting warmer I’ve started to notice my skin pinking up (and freckling) even easier than before.
    I might give the oil cleansing a try and alternate with the ACV.

  58. Hi! I read the article and noticed that you had switched to organic sweet almond oil. I was wondering if you mix that with the castor oil? I have been cleansing with coconut oil and then using a moisturizer to follow up. I have been doing this for a few weeks now and I am still having breakouts. I haven’t been able to find a good quality castor oil so that’s why I’ve been using just coconut oil. Thanks in advance!

    1. Yes, the sweet almond is mixed with the castor. The oils you mix with castor (or any other oil to help deliver that oil to the skin) are called “carrier” oils. For some people, coconut just doesn’t work, so perhaps you could try a new oil and see how you do? I don’t always use the castor – I have cleansed exclusively with carrier oils many times. If you’d like to try a substitute for castor, you could try hazelnut oil, and mix with a carrier like sweet almond, jojoba, or even olive depending on your skin type and needs! (Just be careful, as you are, with choosing the carrier, especially when it comes to olive oil…it’s often not true olive oil!)

  59. Hi
    I’ve recently started using the Oil Cleanse Method, and by recent I mean last night. Sounds strange, but I love it. I too have had acne since I was 13, which was a looong time ago 🙂
    I’ve been doing lots of research over the past few days and there are a few questions I just can’t seem to find the answers for… hoping you can help.
    It looks as though I should not do OCM morning and night. What should I be using instead? I have a Cetaphil bar but I’m afraid of confusing my skin. I want to remove the grime from the day at night (not to mention the eye make-up) and I work out in the morning so feel like I want to remove the sweat and grime acquired.
    I’m also wondering about sunscreen. You mentioned in a reply to someone that you’re working on a sunscreen response however I didn’t seem to find it.
    Should I be using an eye cream supplement? Is OCM enough or should I use something like rose hip oil at night?
    What kind of actual make-up do you use on your face? I currently use a BB cream from REN that’s really nice. Maybe I don’t even need anything beyond sunscreen after a few weeks.
    So many thoughts about this. I’m really excited to start this journey. Like you, I’ve used so many harsh chemicals on my face over the years with minimal results. I hate the idea of crazy chemicals and acids on my face. I even took Accutain in college… if I knew then what I know now 🙂
    I’m new to the Paleo and CrossFit lifestyle and loving my journey thus far.
    Thanks for your help.
    Amy G
    (Berkeley, CA)

    1. Hi Amy! I’m so excited that you like the OCM so far! I absolutely love it. I will try to answer your questions in detail but I have a suspicion you would love my Skintervention Guide! I know it’s pricey, and I’m not trying to make you pay for extra information AT ALL…it just seems like it’s right up your alley because I address all those things, plus the different types of essential oils that are great for different types of skin, nutrition, digestion, EVERYTHING! Just keep it in mind 🙂 You seem really curious and excited so just throwing that out there! I always try to answer people’s questions but sometimes I miss some in the blog comments, which is why I put everything I know in there 🙂
      In the morning, I simply wipe my face with a warm cloth. You really don’t need to do much, and less is more! Sometimes I do a clay mask in the morning, which I LOVE. OCM at night. When I work out in the morning, I do shower, sometimes put on a clay mask for 10 minutes, and all that water and a good wipe (not scrub!)/mask removal is sufficient. Spritz with a toner of choice (which I also talk about a ton in the guide – I love Primal Life Organics or a homemade toner – put “toner” in my search box and you’ll find it!) and moisturize with a good serum or basic oil/tallow and that’s it.
      Sunscreen…there’s a LOT to that question. I talk about that a TON in my upcoming book, which is NOT “Modern Cave Girl” – we changed it to Eat the Yolks so look for Eat the Yolks on Amazon and pre-order if you want! I talk a ton about vitamin D, the sun, sun protection, etc. I talk about it in Skintervention Guide too. I even talk about tanning. In short – I’m pro-responsible sun exposure. The best sunscreen is tightly woven clothing, the second best is zinc oxide based cream (the kind that go on and stay white). Not cute but not dangerous like most other sunscreens!
      Eye cream: sure! There are a ton of great oils out there you can add for an extra boost. You can go as minimal or as extensive with the oils as you want. I love rosehip oil.
      For makeup I use Caren Minerals and 100% Pure. There’s no perfect makeup, but there are good choices out there! I talk about that in the Skintervention Guide too! I’m not very familiar with REN but who knows, maybe you won’t even need it down the road!
      Does that all help? I would love to write more but I have clients lined up all evening and must scoot! I hope this helps and please do keep in touch!

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