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Hello, friends! Welcome to the Real Food Liz website (formerly CaveGirlEats)! I’m Liz.

I wrote Eat the Yolks and the Skintervention Guide, and I created Good Food for Bad Cooks!

I’m a nutrition coach and podcaster, a magazine columnist, a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP™) certified by the Nutritional Therapy Association, and a Public Health student and advocate.

I’m also married to my best friend, and together we’re enjoying our adventures as amateur homesteaders.

(That means we moved from the city to the country, acquired a crew of pasture-raised goats, chickens, and pigs, and started trying – and failing – to keep a decent garden.)

This is a website about living healthy – and the truth about food. What we’ve been told to eat is nothing but processed junk disguised as health food; and the foods we REALLY need are the ones we’ve been taught to fear.

I find that really annoying. (Which is why I wrote a book about it.)

I’m here to help you cook better (or, at the very least, feel better about being a bad cook – because I’m a bad cook too!), sift through all the lies we’ve been told about food, nourish and heal your body and your skin, and – most important – I’m here to make you laugh. A lot.

(Did I mention I have goats?)

Check out a bit more about my homestead life in the video below, and read on for more about – what else? – food and health!

Yep, I said “set a spell.” I’m a regular Jed Clampett these days. (PS: sign up for Email Monday here.)

I’m all about the real freakin’ food – whether you call it Paleo, Primal, Gluten-free, Grain-free, Ancestral Health, or simply eating the food we’re meant to eat, it’s all just real freakin’ food.

Eating real food means ditching nutrition dogma and processed gunk. It’s a healthy, delicious, and life-changing shift.

My experiences healing my skin and my body – and helping others do the same – has proven, again and again, that we don’t need more dogma or obsessive behavior or “health gurus.” We just need nourishment  – and not only from better food

We also need to:

  • give ourselves permission to stress less and sleep more;
  • nourish our bodies – inside and out – with good nutrition AND safe skincare;
  • do less obsessive exercise and more natural, fun movement (think taking a long walk or dancing like an idiot to Gloria Estefan’s Conga – yes, I’m serious);
  • nourish our souls with the activities, the ideas, and the people that bring us joy.

Most importantly, we need to give ourselves permission to like our darn selves, wherever we are in our personal journey. 

And guess what? All that stuff is fun. Who doesn’t love sleeping, chillin’ out, dancing, eating great food, and doing what makes us happy? 

That’s the type’o stuff I love to talk about here. All the amazing stuff that comes together to make us feel great.

And, of course, I throw in lots of dumb jokes and (dated) (extremely dated) (extraordinarily dated) pop culture references. Because what really makes life worth living? Copious Clueless, Princess Bride, and Goonies references.

My crack team of taste-testers and real food lovers includes my amazing husband and my pooch, Cal. They’re awesome, and they make appearances now and then.

There’s no dogma here. No rigid, uncompromising judgment or pass/fail food ideals. This is a place of conversation, information, education, and fun.

Welcome to my Real Food family. I’m so glad you’re here!

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Thanks for reading!


(and Husband, and Cal)